What Music Does To Your Body

The following video link contains a comprehensive look at the impact of music on the human body and is worth watching. Personally, I would have set the video to superior quality, intentional music (not that Beethoven’s Fur Elise isn’t quality or intentional, but rather, the use of a music box version on repeat). Sound and Healing Therapy music, Sound Expressions spontaneous instrumental sound and healing therapy music, etc. would significantly benefit the intentional impact of the video’s valuable information.

What Music Does To Your Body

Great Testimony To New Sound Expressions For Kids CD

This testimony arrived today regarding my newest CD Release, Sound Expressions For Kids…so awesome I had to share!

“Wow! I’ve been trying to put my toddler down for a nap for the past 20 minutes and she wasn’t having it. Eyes wide open, playing with her hands in the air…all that. I was playing the usual lullaby album she likes and falls asleep to, but nothing. Then I remembered the new Sound Expressions For Kids CD I got and played it. Not kidding, two minutes later she was out; she literally zoned out two minutes after I started playing the CD! It was magical! Even my brain felt the difference in the music. The other music felt like raindrops bouncing off my head and the second I put yours on my brain felt like it was getting a massage. That was pretty cool! You’ve got something there!”

Jocelyn from Minnesota

Listen to sample clips or purchase on CD Baby, iTunes, Sound Expressions (Products Page) or The Arts Expressed (Latest Products) or wherever digital distribution is available.

New Sound & Healing Therapy Instrumental CD Release: Sound Expressions For Kids

Sound Expressions for Kids
is a holistic frequency infused spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental CD release, created specifically for children (and for parents/teachers) to incorporate into vehicle riding time, study time/homework, quiet/calming time, classrooms, creative time, bedtime, sleep issues, etc.. More and more people around the globe are realizing the need for shifting away from stress-filled atmospheres/busy schedules and toward holistic healing approaches. Much research indicates music as playing a significant role in that journey.

Holistic healing, i.e. body, mind, soul, and spirit, is important to everyone’s journey. What we allow into our atmospheres, our minds, our emotions, our spirits, and our physical bodies impacts each of us profoundly. Both sound and music inherently and creatively possess a strategically important intention/purpose, as do tunings, settings, keys, Scriptures, and Holy Spirit (not necessarily in that order). I intimately know the Word, the Spirit, how to play skillfully on my instrument (piano/keyboard), and Sound & Healing Therapy. Sound Expressions for Kids has been created specifically to holistically, peacefully, and uniquely impact your children and their atmosphere, bringing alignment into the busyness of life.

See specific album details under the Products Page on the top banner menu of this website. Listening clips and digital downloads on iTunes, CD Baby, and wherever digital distribution are available 01/22/18!

Stress-Filled Atmospheres and the Benefits of VoiceBio (VAH) Sound & Healing Therapy

I am passionate about continuing to release Holy Spirit led spontaneous recording assignments and CD releases. Coming soon is a Sound Expressions CD release created specifically for children (and parents/teachers) while riding in the car, studying, homework, quiet time, classroom time, bedtime, sleep issues, etc.. More and more people around the globe are realizing the need for shifting away from stress-filled atmospheres and toward holistic healing approaches, searching specifically for music to play a significant role in that journey.

I am also passionate about working with clients, both in person and online. With each session, VoiceBio software (the new software owners have renamed it Voice Analysis Harmony) continues to amaze clients and provides me with the necessary information to minister creatively, personally, more accurately, and specifically to each one. I am abundantly blessed when Holy Spirit conducts me in creating a uniquely personal instrumental piece for each client, and even more so, how immensely blessed they are to encounter His Presence, both intimately and specifically for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. I have received many positive and powerful testimonies following each session (*See Testimonies on this website). Many are pleasantly surprised in being referred to me and having no idea of what to expect in their session. Couples gifting sound & healing therapy sessions to one another other has also become a unique and awesome experience:

“Thank you very much, Tammy. We had a wonderful time yesterday, and we came back to our hosts last night and played our ‘new songs’ for them.  They are very interested in this. Listening again to the music, I’m even more impressed by how beautiful it is.  As well as healing.  And listening to my husband’s!  It is such a mysterious thing, I can’t explain it, but it is so him. So thank you again.  We’re so excited about this — it’s the best anniversary gift we could have given one another!”

Holistic healing, i.e. body, mind, soul, and spirit, is important to everyone’s journey. Sound and music inherently and creatively possess a strategically important role, as do tunings, settings, keys, Scriptures, and Holy Spirit (not necessarily in that order). I intimately know the Word, the Spirit, how to play skillfully on my instrument (piano/keyboard), and Voice Bio (VAH) Sound & Healing Therapy. What we allow into our atmospheres, our minds, our emotions, our spirits, and our physical bodies impacts each of us profoundly. I have extensively studied the research, including the results of cancer cells being imploded by their own resonant frequencies in my certification coursework. There will be more and more validation of this in coming years, such as this Gaia video entitled, Proof That Sound Can Kill Cancer, and Scientists Tune Into Music’s Healing Power.

Consider giving the gift of a sound & healing therapy session and/or sound & healing therapy music (*See Music Player to listen to sound clips or visit CD Baby, iTunes, or wherever digital music is sold) in 2018 to yourself, a loved one, or someone in need of a personal touch from the Healer Himself, who purchased healing by His stripes. Contact Sound Expressions for an appointment today!

Solfege Frequencies

Ecclesiastes 1:9, “That which has been is that which will be [again], And that which has been done is that which will be done again. So there is nothing new under the sun.”

This Scripture holds true for A444 Hz, 528 Hz, 432 Hz, and ‘Wholetones’ tuning/frequencies as well. These frequencies can be traced back to King David and to Gregorian monks in the 9th and 10th centuries. In music methodologies, they are referred to as Solfege or Solfeggio frequencies. I taught Solfege in my elementary music classes for years utilizing both the Kodaly and Orff-Schulwerk methodologies. Orff-Schulwerk has been around since the 1920’s and the Kodaly method since the mid-twentieth century. Composers from each of the musical periods, i.e. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and even 20th century did not tune in A440 Hz until it was standardized as the international tuning in the 1950’s.

Those of us in sound & healing are simply bringing revelation to using what has long existed prior to the standardization of the A440 Hz tuning.  We intentionally ensure our tuning aligns the frequencies properly.

Sound Expressions music utilizes the seven solfege frequencies, along with strings/pads for the best odd/even harmonic balance, and additionally incorporates the full range of frequencies from VoiceBio and Sound Healing Therapy training/certifications. I received an awesome testimony as I am writing this post from a family in Texas:

“We have a homeless individual staying with us. At night we always put your music on kind of loud. It calms dogs down, too! The first night the individual was at our house she said she slept so deeply and felt so refreshed. She said the music was saying, “Come back to me” over and over. That Sunday she asked to go to church with us and rededicated her life to God. She asks every night to put the music on. We play a variety of your CDs (they have them all). The first night we had on your latest music, Fragrant Expressions. We all love your music!!!”

Check out my Three CD Christmas Special under the Product Page on this website. Sound Expressions/Tammy Sorenson music can also be purchased on iTunes, CD Baby and wherever digital downloads are sold.

Sound & Healing Therapy Music Christmas Special

I want to get my most recent Sound & Healing Therapy CDs out into the atmospheres of:

1) prayer groups and intercessors;
2) those who desire to encounter the Healer – body, mind, soul, and spirit;
3) and those who desire to bless others with the gift of spontaneously recorded Holy Spirit led instrumental music in A444 Hz tuning!

This CD Christmas Special runs through December 24, 2017. Choose any three CDs from the Products Page of this website, click Sound & Healing Therapy Music Three CD Christmas Special Sound Expressions (renewing the body through sound) Christmas CD Special – make your purchase with Paypal, and then send me an email indicating your three specific CD Title choices. Three CDs for $30 plus $3.00 shipping total! That’s an approximate savings of $12.00 on the CDs and shipping!

Don’t miss out on this Christmas Special opportunity to give family and friends the gift of Sound & Healing Therapy music – to give the pray-ers/intercessors in your life Sound Expressions Sound & Healing Therapy music – TODAY! Also consider giving the gift of a Sound & Healing Therapy/VoiceBio Sound & Healing Therapy Session!

Check out my newest and best Sound & Healing Therapy CD Release, Fragrant Expressions, also available wherever digital downloads are sold!

Check out Testimonies on this website, as well as the WCCO News Segment on Sound Therapy in Minnesota.


Introducing The School Of The Psalmists

Why Sound Expressions?

I would like to unpack and expound on the title of this website for the curious. Sound Expressions is both multi-faceted as well as purposefully intentional. Let me begin with a definition of the words, ‘sound, ‘express,’ and ‘expressions.’

Sound: 1) vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s
2) sound produced by continuous and regular vibrations, as opposed to noise.
3) emit or cause to emit sound.
4) convey a specified impression when heard.

Express: 1) to convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct – synonyms: communicate, convert, indicate,
show, demonstrate, reveal, make manifest, put across/over
2) squeeze out (liquid or air) – synonyms: squeeze out, press out, extract

Expression: 1) the process of making known one’s thoughts or feelings.
2) the look on someone’s face that conveys a particular emotion.

Sounds, i.e. vibrations, are everywhere. Sounds/vibrations are either to our benefit or to our detriment, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This includes our cell phones, music we listen to in our cars, stores/restaurants, at work, television, etc.. Every minute for every individual in every atmosphere is spent in the place of expressing or receiving ‘expressions.’ Holy Spirit purposefully revealed to me through both Scripture and science the necessity of sounds being ‘in tune’ and ‘in alignment’ with the loving heart of our Heavenly Father and the atmosphere of His throne room here on Earth.

Alignment: 1) arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.
2) a position of agreement or alliance.

Sons and daughters positioned in Christ are the vessels through which alignment with the Kingdom of Heaven transpires, in thought, word, and action. We are bombarded by the expression of sounds that are incredibly out of alignment with the heartbeat of Heaven continually throughout each day. Many of these thoughts, words, and actions – sound/vibrations both knowingly and unknowingly advance the kingdom of darkness on the Earth. Many do not understand the significance of the spirit realm nor our spiritual nature, i.e. that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) places” (Ephesians 6:12 AMP).

I was led to launch Sound Expressions and spontaneous instrumental recordings in the specific tunings and frequencies Holy Spirit revealed and confirmed to me through Scriptural and scientific findings/research for the purpose of expressing, i.e. squeezing out or releasing the atmosphere of Heaven on Earth. I do this as I seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness in the faith and love of Christ in me, much like Queen Esther going before her king on behalf of her people. We are calls as sons and daughters to pray for, release, and activate the the Kingdom of Heaven – the will of Heaven – on the Earth.

I am called, skilled, and anointed to seek, release, and realign the atmosphere wherever He sends me/my recordings with all that He is in the power of His lovingkindness and the alignment of Heaven, on behalf of every individual seeking/desiring/needing to encounter His love and Presence. My expressions, i.e. intentions, are only to be one with my Heavenly Father through being one with the Son on behalf of the listener being one with Him. I include Scriptures to meditate on if desired in my titles/album notes, but include no words in my spontaneous recordings, as so much of music is continually directing our thoughts. If one needs help with praise and worship, then words are necessary. However, Holy Spirit wants to release the thoughts of our Heavenly Father, communicating intimately and personally with and to each individual in each now moment. My heart’s desire is to be a vessel in that journey. The tunings and frequencies used are to bring the alignment of Heaven’s atmosphere, i.e. love, joy, peace, rest, kindness, goodness, gentleness, etc. to Earth. In that position, wisdom, revelation, counsel, strength, discernment, clarity, etc. are also released for every need.

In essence, my heart’s desires, i.e. intentions, are to express or squeeze out our Heavenly Father’s thoughts/feelings to make them known/manifest here on Earth as it is in Heaven in the power of Jesus’ name, His Word, and His Spirit, on behalf of each individual He sends me to (leads to this website, i.e. the music He has placed within me to release); on behalf of others experiencing His infinite and abundant lovingkindness, healing, and freedom. He who the Son sets free is truly free indeed! Encountering His Presence is healing and freeing indeed. I am a vessel. Sound is a vehicle: sound supernaturally and naturally aligned through tuning, frequencies, His Word, and His Spirit. May you receive a tangible demonstration of His Presence and may He alone receive all of the glory!

Intercessors: Sound Expressions music is perfect for facilitating/empowering your intercession. The intention is worship, praise, thanksgiving, bringing Him glory, and releasing the blueprints and strategies He desires to release on Earth through you on behalf of others (Isaiah 61)!