Additional ILS Practitioner Certification

renewing the body through sound

Additional ILS Practitioner Certification

I am currently working on an additional ILS (Integrated Life Strategies) Practitioner certification specific to the Body of Christ walking in healing and wholeness. The past several weeks Holy Spirit has astounded me at our Heavenly Father’s higher ways on behalf of every unique and treasured individual. The finish line is in sight with regard to my additional ILS Practitioner certification. I will be excited to announce and add this amazing new piece to my Sound Expressions ministry. I also have a new recording on the horizon once certification requirements are completed. I am not focusing on the natural realm in this NOW time, but rather, I am keeping my focus and intention on Him and His supernatural purposes, specific to every individual encountering the Kingdom of Heaven manifesting on Earth in, on, over, and through each one to the glory of Jesus!

Parenting revelation is being highlighted while working with numerous clients. We must awaken to the long term significant impact of our every word and action on our children’s health and well being as adults (body, mind, soul, and spirit). Many individuals in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s specifically remember details/traumatic memories that occurred very early on in life, significantly impacting and shaping them and their adult struggles emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Every individual is a work in progress, however, we simply must press into the healing and wholeness Jesus purchased for all mankind. The upcoming generations are not supposed to go around the same mountains over and over again, never truly experiencing His absolute freedom. This is not New Testament Covenant truth. This is my intention for continuing obtain additional practitioner certification specific to healing and wholeness.

At the core of every disease is a root needing to be addressed through the blood of Christ. Medicating symptoms is not the answer (Luke was a doctor, therefore good doctors are a gift to the Body, but there is so much more to pursue in all of this.). I am immensely burdened for the treasures who have been victimized at the hands of those who practice evil for horribly repugnant purposes. God have mercy on us, turn us from our flawed and wicked ways, and heal us as only You can, Jesus. Set the captives truly free to be the ambassadors of Your glory that Your Word (which never returns void and always accomplished what You send it to do) declares!

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