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New Revised/Updated 2019! Was I Not Listening OR Did Someone Not Tell Me? With 31 Day Devotional/Journal

New Revised/Updated 2019 Edition with 31 Day Devotional/Journal. Life is a journey that manifests through numerous experiences and scenarios. As humans, we often see things from a perspective reflective of what we are interested in. Our interests align with our gifts and talents – our DNA. For Tammy, music is in her DNA. She was given a prophetic vision of her life as a flowing music staff suspended infinitely over a lush green meadow. As a conductor, it was her joy to collect and place individual notes on the staff. The notes represented individual people, who when they sang or played their notes, became an integral part of a symphony being created at precisely the right moment in time. Every individual has been created as part of the tapestry of Good Ideas because each one of us is a God Idea. This book is written in a musical format; as a composition with a series of musical movements. Preludes and fugues, melodies and harmonies, and a musical directive called, Selah, comprise the expression of our personal journey and the revelation learned along the way. Selah means to “pause and meditate,” which is to say, “here’s how it plays out.” For each of us, life’s journey is about what we have learned, as well as those things we wish we had known. Praying and believing for each reader through Was I Not Listening or Did They Not Tell Me? to be better equipped and empowered in playing the life song you have been gifted to release.

Paperback book includes a brand new 31 Day Devotional with Journal.
This book is also available via Amazon and on Kindle.

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions April 2019
Cover Design by Jadan Advertising and Design

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Click on the link below to view inside this book on Look Inside This Book Coming Soon!

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School of the Psalmists Course Syllabus

School of the Psalmists Course Syllabus PDF version

Price: $19.99

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August 2018: The Arts Expressed Curriculum – Equipping Generations Through The Creative Arts

August 2018

The Arts Expressed Curriculum
Equipping Generations Through The Creative Arts

The Arts Expressed curriculum contains foundational equipping tools and instructional materials for raising up sons and daughters to be Spirit and Truth worshipers who impact the Earth with Kingdom of Heaven purpose through creative music, art, and movement. It includes Hands On Activities and Music for all ages, from the womb through the teens. The arts are a universal language for every nation. As parents and grandparents, our children and grandchildren are our legacy. As teachers and caretakers, we are called to a higher standard of establishing and nurturing the foundations of our greatest gifts: children. Sorenson’s passion and calling is to equip a generation in Christ-centered identity and purpose, utilizing and incorporating creative music, art, and movement to empower sons and daughters to live from Heaven’s perspective, shifting atmospheres over a lifetime. Her unique Kingdom ministry focuses on releasing and encountering His Presence, in conjunction with discipling the generations to be secure in Heavenly Father’s love, carrying ambassador mantle’s of His love, and connecting Heaven on Earth in the power of Holy Spirit on the mountain of arts and entertainment for such a time as this. The Arts Expressed is about equipping a creative generation to manifest His Kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven through strategic music, art, and movement! This curriculum includes three Sound and Healing Therapy CDs created specific to this curriculum, as well as Sorenson’s popular 2018 CD Release, Sound Expressions For Kids (Available either hard copy or download. Contact us to indicate preference.)

This curriculum release is available August 1, 2018, on this website, Create Space, Amazon, and various other distributors.

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Music Listening Samples Available on CD Baby August 1, 2018

Listen to Samples of Songs

Music Listening Samples Also Available On iTunes August 1, 2018

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The School of the Psalmists


Where Being A Son or Daughter 
After Father God’s Own Heart
And Playing Skillfully to Him 

*Course Requirements
  • Online (Skype or FaceTime) or On Site Lessons:
    1) Two 45 Minute Private Lessons
    2) Two Instructional Class Sessions Per Month
  • Practice Requirements: Consistent Daily Practice 5-6 Days Per Week
  • Minimum Study Requirement 
For Increasing Skill Levels: One Year
  • Class and Lesson Fees:
    1) $100 Monthly
    2) Includes Two 45 Minute Lessons/Two Instructional Classes
  • Required Texts: The School of the Psalmists Syllabus
                                The Open Door by Robyn Green
                                Enthroned by David Fritch

A psalmist is someone with a heart after Father God’s own heart, i.e. love for the Father and His love for others, who has studied to show themselves approved; in Word and Spirit, and on their instrument of calling in order to play skillfully to and for Him through:

  • new songs
  • NOW songs
  • prophesying on their instrument
  • Selahs

There is a clarion call in the Spirit for the Lord’s appointed psalmists to be awakened, equipped, activated, and released within the Body of Christ, the prayer movement, the worship movement, and majorly in the church. The time is NOW for a convergence of sons and daughters after Father God’s own heart playing skillfully to and for Him. Revival, Transformation, Reformation, Healing, Deliverance, etc. need the psalmists to arise; the Davids and the restoration of his tabernacle of skilled singers and musicians positioned on the walls to which they are called. The leading in my spirit and my heart’s desire is to use my years of walking intimately through extensive training with the Lord, along with my years of education and experience to equip a generation of psalmists who:

  • intimately know both the Word and the Spirit;
  • possess proficient musical and technical skills;
  • understand their unique role as psalmists in discerning revelation and releasing the atmosphere of Heaven to shift the atmosphere on Earth;
  • are in alignment with the love of our Heavenly Father in this NOW Kingdom age we have entered into; and
 walk in wholehearted love, devotion, and obedience in Christ.

To Register Click On ‘Add to Cart’ and Proceed to the PayPal Checkout
You will then receive a confirmation email with contact information to confirm/discuss lesson/class scheduling, text requirements, and continued monthly payment information.

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Online Piano Instruction

Online Piano Instruction with FaceTime or Skype

Have you always wanted to play piano/keyboard, but never found the time? Did you take piano as a child and now have a desire to brush up on your skills or learn to play again for your own enjoyment? OR did you always want to take lessons as a child but it never happened? Good news! It’s never too late to learn to play the piano/keyboard. It’s never too late to improve your playing skills. It’s never to late to set goals for yourself as a musician – beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Playing an instrument is something one can enjoy throughout life, and scientific research is validating the benefits of studying an instrument. (Check out my post on Scientific Research On the Brains of Musicians. There is additional extensive research available on the internet on this topic.)

I teach technical and theoretical instruction targeted specifically for songwriting, improvisation, and spontaneous playing. Scales, chords, arpeggios, musical line, and theory, etc. for equipping the endless possibilities of tapping into potential and skill. I am also a classically trained professional pianist, having taught students of preschool (Suzuki method) through adult ages for 35+ years. I am able to facilitate improvement of learning note reading pieces on most levels and genres for those goals as well.

All levels. All ages. Especially enjoy working with adults in this season. Online instruction facilitates the ease of taking lessons in the convenience of your own home, conducive to your own schedule. Requires computer, iPad, phone, or any other digital device that has FaceTime or Skype applications.

$25 per 30 minute lesson
$40 per 45 minute lesson
$50 per 60 minute lesson

Use the Paypal option on this link or send personal checks.

Price: $25.00

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