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*Grace for the Journey Album Notes
by Tammy Sorenson

Grace for the Journey is a soaking collection of piano pieces, recorded purposefully to facilitate "clearing the clutter" of life in exchange for experiencing the overwhelming, peaceful presence of the Lord.

The first piece, Throne Room, is a spontaneous, unrehearsed instrumental piece created as it was being recorded, as were each of the individual piano pieces on the disc that follow. This Holy Spirit inspired music is free flowing, calming, reflective, and contemplative.

Along with the other professional musicians in our family (The Arts Expressed), I have released spontaneous, improvisational music for years, and Spirit-led creative expression is represented within each track on this CD. Grace for the Journey has an authentic, relaxing sound that pulls the listener's spirit into an intimate pursuit of practicing His presence.

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions February 2012.
All Rights Reserved.
Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
Jewel Case Art by Jadan Advertising And Design

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Each title was also created to facilitate focused prayer: 1. Throne Room - Hebrews 4:6, Revelations 4 2. Seeking - the pursuit of His presence 3. Conversation - the pursuit of intimate communion with our Heaven Father 4. My Heart is Steadfast - Psalm 108:1-6 5. Blessed Are - The words of this song come from Mark 10:16, Matthew 5:3-12 and Luke 6:20-26. (Although this piano CD contains an instrumental arrangement only, the words can also be found in my new book, No More Orphans! For more information visit Lord, Your heart is breaking for the children…the hungry and the poor who cry in shame. Your Spirit is awakening Your people, who’ll tell them that You know each one by name. /You’ve heard their cries for freedom. You’ve seen their hurt and pain. You love them as a Father and Your Son died for their gain. /Blessed are the poor and needy. Blessed are the ones who mourn. Blessed are the gentle and lowly, the Kingdom is yours. Blessed are the hungry and thirsty. Blessed are the pure in heart. Blessed are the persecuted, the Kingdom is yours. /Blessed are the merciful. Blessed are those who work for peace. Blessed are those who seek Your heart, sharing Your great love throughout the world. Blessed are the children. Your heart is breaking for them. Blessed are believers when they share and every child receives. 6. For the Orphaned - This song passionately expresses instrumental intercession on behalf of everyone who has been abandoned, rejected, discarded, or orphaned by tragedy. The spontaneous music reflects the daily questions and the unknowns in being orphaned: wondering if anyone cares, of survival, and of existence itself. It also carries the promise of Jesus in John 14:18 to not leave us as orphans. “Does anyone see me? Does anyone care about me? I have dreams of being wanted, of belonging, of being loved. There are so many like me needing to know hope, needing to know purpose, needing to know we have a future, needing to know Love. Does anyone see me?” 7. For the Poor - This spontaneous instrumental song came from meditating on Luke 6:20-21. Jesus promises the kingdom of God to those who are poor and hungry in this present age. The music reflects the heart of the Father and His promise to fill them according to the riches of His eternal Kingdom of Heaven. 8. For the Sick - This spontaneous song was inspired as intercession for a precious family standing in faith on 1 Peter 2:24 and the healing of their husband and father. I dedicate this song to the Ted Landmark family, and give glory and honor to our Heavenly Father for this family’s overcoming testimony of faith. Ted is now eternally healed in the presence of Jesus. I pray this song will comfort and heal the hearts of those who must stand strong in faith and walk out the unseen. 9. For the Unborn - This spontaneous instrumental piece is wholehearted intercession on behalf of the sanctity of life, and contains is a layer of sound intended to reflect life in the womb. For the Unborn represents being a “voice” for those who cannot speak for themselves. The Lord promises covering and deliverance from evil in Psalm 139:13 and Galatians 1:4. Until His heart and will on behalf of these precious and innocent ones manifests on the Earth, a sound must cry out. 10. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made - Psalm 139:14

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