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New Meditation Series! Tapestry of Sounds Sound Healing Therapy

Tapestry of Sounds are Holy Spirit led spontaneously recorded holistic frequency infused instrumental pieces meditation pieces, The Butterfly Effect, Monarchs, and The Throne Room are my first release in a new series of holistic frequency infused meditation pieces, entitled, Tapestry of Sounds. The intention of these pieces can be found in the definition of The Butterfly Effect. Spending time with Holy Spirit renews our bodies, minds, souls, and spirit holistically. Meditating on the Word in His Presence with holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led instrumental music facilitates “prospering in all things and being in health, just as your soul prospers”(3 John 2). There is extensive research available scientifically, musically, physically, and spiritually to confirm the benefits of holistic infused music and daily meditation. My intention is to be a vessel, a daughterof the King, releasing the frequencies of the atmosphere of Heaven on behalf of those seeking to encounter our Heavenly Father’s lovingkindness, good plans, and wholeness as sons and daughters in the power of Jesus. These pieces are perfect for morning or evening devotional time, to set aside time to rest, regroup, balance, calm, de-stress at home, in the work place, or in the car. I am believing my initial step of recording and releasing these pieces for such a time as these will result in an eternal impact and praise reports on behalf of many, i.e. The Butterfly Effect.

Available June 1 on this website Store, at TheArtsExpressed.org under SHOP, at CD Baby, Apple Music , Amazon, Spotify, and wherever digital distribution is available.

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions June 1, 2019
All Rights Reserved.
Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
Jewel Case Design by Mark Lucas Design

  1. The Butterfly Effect
  2. Monarchs
  3. The Throne Room

Music Listening Samples Available on CD Baby June1, 2019

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Music Listening Samples Also Available On iTunes June 1, 2019

Listen to Samples of Songs

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Available As Digital Download Only.

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Sound & Healing Therapy VoiceBio Session

A customized sound healing and therapy session utilizes a unique VoiceBio software, which reveals
a composite analysis of your body’s physical and emotional frequency needs. The VoiceBio composite
analysis results will suggest musical keys, essential oils, colors, and supplements that will benefit your
body. Also from the VoiceBio analysis, you will be given, through Spirit-led leading, along with intention,
timbres, melody, harmony, rhythm, form, Just Intonation or Pythagorean tuning frequencies, and other
unique software, an individualized sound therapy music session, created personally and intentionally to
your body’s physical and emotional needs, and recorded on CD for you to take home from the session
to use repeatedly. Your sound and healing therapy sessionmay also include additional mp3’s or CD’s,
depending on personal needs.

Schedule a sound healing and therapy session, a sound therapy massage, or commission a
sound therapy or original musical piece specific to your individual, family, or group needs
(emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical) today!

Customized Sessions Available
See Contact Information Page to Schedule

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SOUND EXPRESSIONS FOR KIDS Instrumental Sound & Healing Therapy CD

Sound Expressions for Kids is a holistic frequency infused spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental CD release, created specifically for children (and for parents/teachers) to incorporate into vehicle riding time, study time/homework, quiet/calming time, classrooms, creative time, bedtime, sleep issues, etc.. More and more people around the globe are realizing the need for shifting away from stress-filled atmospheres/busy schedules and toward holistic healing approaches. Much research indicates music as playing a significant role in that journey.

Holistic healing, i.e. body, mind, soul, and spirit, is important to everyone’s journey. What we allow into our atmospheres, our minds, our emotions, our spirits, and our physical bodies impacts each of us profoundly. Both sound and music inherently and creatively possess a strategically important intention/purpose, as do tunings, settings, keys, Scriptures, and Holy Spirit (not necessarily in that order). I intimately know the Word, the Spirit, how to play skillfully on my instrument (piano/keyboard), and Sound & Healing Therapy. Sound Expressions For Kids has been created specifically to holistically, peacefully, and uniquely impact your children and their atmosphere, bringing alignment into the busyness of life.

Sound Expressions For Kids Song Titles, Scriptures, Keys in Sound & Healing Therapy Tunings

Available NOW on this website Store under Products Page, at The Arts Expressed under Latest Products on the left sidebar, at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and wherever digital distribution is available.

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions January 2018
All Rights Reserved.
Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
Jewel Case Design by Jadan Advertising And Design

1. A Gift
 – Key of C
 (528 Hz) (Children Are Heaven’s Gift: Matthew 18:10 and James 1:17)
2. A Legacy – Key of C#/Db (A 444Hz) (Children Are A Heritage: Psalm 127:3-5)
3. A Promise – Key of D (A 444 Hz) (The Kingdom Of Heaven Belongs To The Children: Matthew 18:1-3)
4. Invited – Key of D#/Eb (639 Hz) (Let The Little Children Come: Mark 10:14)
5. Free To Be – Key of E (A 444 Hz) (The Praise of Infants and Children: Psalm 8:2)
6. Eyes and Ears – Key of F (A 444 Hz) (Teach The Children To Worship ME: Psalm 139:13-16 and John 4:23-24)
7. Truth – Key of F#/Gb (741 Hz) (Nurture The Children In MY Ways: Deut. 6:7, Prov. 22:6, and Eph. 6:4)
8. A Teachable Heart – Key of G (396 Hz) (All Your Children Shall Be Taught By Me: Isaiah 54:13)
9. Pure – Key of G# (417 Hz) (Children Are An Example: 1 Timothy 4:12)
10. Whole – Key of A 444 Hz (Healing Is The Children’s Bread: Matthew 15:22-29)
11. Blessed – Key of A#/Bb (A 444 Hz) (Bless The Children: Isaiah 44:2)
12. Mountain Movers – Key of B (A 444 Hz) (Release Them To The King: Malachi 4:6)
13. Roots and Wings
 – Key of Ab (852 Hz) (No Greater Joy: 3 John 1:4)
14. Renew – Key of G (396 Hz) (All Your Children Shall Be Taught By Me Reprise: Isaiah 54:13)


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Listening Samples Available on CD Baby January 22, 2018

Listen to Samples of Songs

Listening Samples also Available on iTunes January 22, 2018

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The School of the Psalmists


Where Being A Son or Daughter 
After Father God’s Own Heart
And Playing Skillfully to Him 

*Course Requirements
  • Online (Skype or FaceTime) or On Site Lessons:
    1) Two 45 Minute Private Lessons
    2) Two Instructional Class Sessions Per Month
  • Practice Requirements: Consistent Daily Practice 5-6 Days Per Week
  • Minimum Study Requirement 
For Increasing Skill Levels: One Year
  • Class and Lesson Fees:
    1) $100 Monthly
    2) Includes Two 45 Minute Lessons/Two Instructional Classes
  • Required Texts: The School of the Psalmists Syllabus
                                The Open Door by Robyn Green
                                Enthroned by David Fritch

A psalmist is someone with a heart after Father God’s own heart, i.e. love for the Father and His love for others, who has studied to show themselves approved; in Word and Spirit, and on their instrument of calling in order to play skillfully to and for Him through:

  • new songs
  • NOW songs
  • prophesying on their instrument
  • Selahs

There is a clarion call in the Spirit for the Lord’s appointed psalmists to be awakened, equipped, activated, and released within the Body of Christ, the prayer movement, the worship movement, and majorly in the church. The time is NOW for a convergence of sons and daughters after Father God’s own heart playing skillfully to and for Him. Revival, Transformation, Reformation, Healing, Deliverance, etc. need the psalmists to arise; the Davids and the restoration of his tabernacle of skilled singers and musicians positioned on the walls to which they are called. The leading in my spirit and my heart’s desire is to use my years of walking intimately through extensive training with the Lord, along with my years of education and experience to equip a generation of psalmists who:

  • intimately know both the Word and the Spirit;
  • possess proficient musical and technical skills;
  • understand their unique role as psalmists in discerning revelation and releasing the atmosphere of Heaven to shift the atmosphere on Earth;
  • are in alignment with the love of our Heavenly Father in this NOW Kingdom age we have entered into; and
 walk in wholehearted love, devotion, and obedience in Christ.

To Register Click On ‘Add to Cart’ and Proceed to the PayPal Checkout
You will then receive a confirmation email with contact information to confirm/discuss lesson/class scheduling, text requirements, and continued monthly payment information.

Price: $100.00

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