About Sound Expressions

renewing the body through sound

Holistic Frequency Infused Instrumental Music
Calming, Peaceful, Spontaneous Holy Spirit Led
To Renew The Body Through Sound
(Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically)

Discerning, Hearing, and Releasing the Sounds and Frequencies of the Healer on Behalf of You!

How is Sound Expressions music different from other holistic frequency infused music, such as, Healing Frequencies, Whole Tones, etc.? Tammy Sorenson creates/records music spontaneously at Holy Spirit leading specific and personal to each individual. VoiceBio Software Assessment and Music Bible Writer Software are utilized to uniquely target each individual’s holistic frequency and Scriptural/spiritual NOW Word needs. A Holy Spirit inspired holistic frequency infused is then created especially for you in your Sound Healing Session.

For Individuals (Pain, Sleep Disorders, PTSD, Grief, Trauma, etc.), Classrooms (i.e. Autism, ADHD, EBD, Bipolar…), Therapeutic Health and Wellness Centers (Chiropractic, Massage, Alternative/Holistic Healing…),
Families, Events, Ministries, Churches, Communities, and More! 

Tammy Sorenson of Sound Expressions is a Prophet/Perceiver (Romans 12:4-8) Psalmist, sharing her portion of Holy Spirit light and her key of music as a vessel to awaken, release, and activate freedom and restoration through the blood atonement of Jesus Christ to those caught in bondage (Isaiah 61; 6:8). Click on the detailed MENU options on our Sound Expressions Home Page Banner to discover the unique benefits and details we offer.

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Sound Expressions is a sound and healing therapy/piano psalming Holy Spirit led holistic ministry. Sound is everywhere. Sound is energy. Music is a universal language that provides an oasis in the midst of life. Did you know that every system, organ, muscle, tissue, cell, etc. within the human body has a resonant frequency? The inherent power of music is significant because sound and frequencies impact the body and stir the soul.

Sound Expressions incorporates tuning, frequencies, timbres, Holy Spirit-led intention, and instrumental music to effect the atmosphere and the restoration of both individuals, groups, and corporate gatherings.