Introducing Fragrant Sound Product Line: Esther

Introducing Esther, Fragrant Sound, a brand new scents and sounds product line of holistic therapeutic fragrance blends and corresponding holistic frequency infused music in conjunction with Angela Vrettas/Scent of Life Australia. We have prayed together specific to this product line for over two years and are so excited to release our second product, Esther, which will be followed by six additional Fragrant Sound scents and sounds products throughout 2019. Each scent and sound are specific to a Holy Spirit led holistic therapeutic blend, intention, frequency, Scripture, and color, all created to encounter our Healer.

Hadassah, or Esther, means Myrtle

This amazing fragrance contains the follow holistic, organic, therapeutic ingredients:

Myrrh (referenced as the prophets’ oil): therapeutic and specific to mouth/teeth
Sweet Myrrh
Rose Absolute (high frequency):  specific to grief and issues of the heart
Myrtle: specific to throat, thyroid, , respiratory, and issues of identity
Fragonia(a new discovery): specific to balance, jet lag, the circulatory system, and rhythm.

Esther is a Holy Spirit led spontaneous holistic frequency infused  instrumental piece recorded in 688.06 Hz. It was recorded by applying the Esther Fragrance Blend topically and also placing it on the keyboard. The note G was utilized as red, targeting specifically to release the frequency of the color magenta for both the fragrance and the music. The color magenta is regarded to be an emotional equilibrator.

Fragrant Sound is a vibratory healing therapy that uses the frequencies of the oil blend corresponding to the frequencies of the musical sound to help induce states of deep relaxation where healing can occur. Soothing and deeply relaxing, it helps facilitate shifts in the brainwaves, discharging negative thought patterns that show up as physical, emotion, and mental pain. We are essentially composed of vibrational frequencies; molecularly, cellularly, glandularly. The daily stressors in life, which include environment and life experiences, can negatively impact us causing us to be out of balance. Fragrant Sound is a non-invasive, gentler, yet powerful healing technique that can help you experience deep levels of stress release and emotional freedom.

Available July 2019 on this website Store, at under SHOP, and at 

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July 2019
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Product includes both the fragrance blend, Esther, and corresponding music on both a CD and thumb drive.

The Empty Classroom: Holistic Frequency Infused Music


The Strongest Resonating Frequency

I will always remember when Holy Spirit spoke the words, “I AM always the strongest resonating frequency in any room.” Combine these words with the following excerpt, and the implications for massive impact are astounding:

“It would be accurate to say that the frequency and vibration of light and sound is love. Therefore, every memory or experience in our life is subject to be overridden by the frequency and vibration of God’s love working in us. I am fully convinced that through the sound of worship, our cells vibrate at the frequency of Heaven, which is made of the love of God. As a result, we increasingly come under the auspices of the spirit of immortality, which is continually working in us.” (Michael A. Danforth, “How To Forget Unwanted Memories,” Yakima, WA, 2018, pg. 97)

I would say that my testimony of overcoming intertwines both worship and the spirit of sonship. My lens for worship and identity in Christ was mostly shaped from a piano/organ bench in a denominational church until my thirties, in spite of a radical encounter with HIs overwhelming presence as a teenager. With the birth of our first child, I had this urging in my spirit that there was so much more of Him to be experienced…so much more of His Word being active and living in me. The search involved navigating multiple denominations/non-denominations and Holy Spirit movements, daily Word, worship, prayer, home-educating a Biblical worldview, adoption, worship/children’s/family/house of prayer ministry, and so much more. It all played a major role in who I am, but it all also played a major role in hindering the manifestation of who I really am in Christ. It’s been a 40 year wilderness journey much like that of the Israelites. Yet, I live to testify of His goodness and glory!

All along the journey, as recent as last weekend at a phenomenal worship experience, I have always noticed those who straggle in during the actual worship or even skip worship all together to arrive in time for the main event, which in the church is mostly the message (I am not making light of the message – *see below). An orphan spirit drives that mindset, because if one truly understood sonship through the spirit of adoption, worship IS always the main event…and it is magnificently so much more than singing songs we like, feeling the tingling or weight of His glorious presence, etc..

*Faith comes by hearing the Word. Sermons/messages play a major role for equipping the Body/discipling. However, research reveals it takes 21 days to make a habit. With our immeasurable access to excellent messages/sermons/teaching/equipping/coaching, how’s our nation doing? How many are actually walking out what the messages teach repetitively enough to form new habits? Truth: encounters with and in His Presence/His love supernaturally transform lives in a way that striving to form new habits can’t attain. Living daily a lifestyle as Spirit and Truth worshipers is paramount to transformation as sons/daughters. Inhabiting our praises (Psalm 22:3) is a literal, tangible place. Releasing your sound in the corporate symphony of worship is vital and necessary for such a time as this: it’s the sound that all of creation is groaning for in Romans 8:19 – the sound of true sons/daughters awakening to His love and ALL that He has already made us to be on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Worship is the divine supernatural transformational exchange of all that Christ IS for all He has created you to BE. Worship is the glorious encounter of the One who IS love, the One who loves you infinitely best and most, and the One who defines, sees, and calls you perfected in Him. Worship is loving on the One who delights you, body, mind, soul, and spirit. When one truly comprehends what worship is and what worship actually does in both the seen and unseen realms, everything shifts. There are absolutely no English language words to describe it. When the true realization of being His worshiper/His son hits, tears of thankfulness and joy are the only response. Standing still on the inside is impossible, much less on the outside. I have swimming pools of tears in the spirit realm from worshiping the One who so has so moved and transformed me in the position of BEing His worshiper.

If one actually takes the time to process/be transformed by the lyrics of so many beautifully written and anointed worship songs we sing today, it literally takes our breath away; only for Him to be the breath that once again initiates taking our next one. There is so much more to His love, His creation, His purposes, our sonship than what we have settled for as a church. Kingdom is what Jesus demonstrated. Kingdom is what His disciples are called to. Don’t settle for the seen realm. Don’t settle for church as usual. Don’t settle for culture or entertainment or busyness or importance with man. Don’t settle period.

Sonship is a divine eternal encounter that involves the frequencies and vibrations of a love that does not exist apart from our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, and through BEing the Spirit and Truth worshipers/son/daughters He has created us to BE and live on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Our testimony makes a way for our calling. My testimony is that of BEing wholly and completely His, both as worshiper (in Spirit and Truth, John 4:23-24) and daughter (spirit of adoption (Romans 8:15)). My testimony is resonating with Holy Spirit, who is always resonating with Father’s love, and always the strongest resonating frequency anywhere for all eternity. What is your testimony? What frequency are you resonating with or receiving?

The Empty Classroom: Meditation

Kingdom Equipping on meditation and Holistic Frequency Infused Holy Spirit Led Instrumental Activation in 963 Hz.





The Empty Classroom Launch

Kingdom Equipping and Holistic Frequency Infused Holy Spirit Led Instrumental Activation in 416 Hz



Four Exciting New Products Releasing April Through June 1, 2019!!!

Sound Expressions For Kids 2
is my newest holistic frequency infused spontaneous instrumental CD release, and my second created specifically for children (and for parents/grandparents/teachers/caregivers) to incorporate into vehicle riding time, study time/homework, quiet/calming time, classrooms, creative time, nap/bed time, sleep issues, etc.. More and more people around the globe are realizing the need for shifting away from stress-filled atmospheres/busy schedules and toward holistic healing approaches. Much research indicates music as playing a  significant role in that journey. Continue reading

Music Used For Holistic Health and To Boost Intelligence/Creativity

I have been researching for an upcoming teaching/ministry week and noticed a previous article (referenced below) pertaining to doctors prescribing music therapy. Music therapy was a big part of my graduate work and I have been utilized as a member of a medical treatment team specific to children on this journey. I happened to note this very article recently circulating on Facebook, website, Instagram, etc., originally posted on my very first website ( back in 2016. Love confirmation in the midst of the journey! I also included some very interesting research links from a post on my website pertaining to holistic health and wellness, increased intelligence, and creativity. Enjoy!

Music Being Used For Healing

Doctors Now Prescribing Music Therapy for Heart Ailments, Brain Dysfunction, Learning Disabilities, Depression, PTSD, Alzheimers, Childhood Development and More

How much more powerful and effective when the music is intentionally Holy Spirit led with Scripture meditations, Sound Healing Therapy tunings, settings, keys and frequencies. Check out our Products Page at Sound Expressions or the Latest Products Page on the left sidebar of The Arts Expressed for a wide selection of Sound Healing Therapy Instrumental CDs recorded specifically to shift atmospheres for encounters with the One true Healer Himself! Listening samples are included! Also available on iTunes, CD Baby, and wherever digital distribution is available!

Research Confirms Studying Music Can Boost Your

Child’s Brain Power and Creativity

By on January 4, 2018 in Created/Creative, Gifts, Piano/Keyboard Instruction

I have been studying the impact of musical study since graduate school. Research confirms musical study at an early age impacts intelligence. Research confirms gifted and talented individuals studied music from an early age (see Suzuki instruction – I am certified and taught this methodology to our own children beginning in their preschool years. As adults, they now play and sing professionally in the music industry).

Start 2018 off right by enrolling your children in the study of a musical instrument. Research studies reveal the immense and numerous benefits of studying a musical instrument, especially on the brain in early life, throughout the school years, and throughout adult life as well. There is no better instrument to challenge all ages in facilitating all other musical and educational study than the piano/keyboard. Give your children the boost they need to succeed throughout their educational years! Give yourself the boost you need to further enjoy music, serve in your church and community, and enhancing your own brain power!

Enroll in piano lessons now! Don’t have a piano teacher near you? Online instruction absolutely works! Need instruction uniquely designed for your child as opposed to traditional instruction? I specialize in this area, having developed my own methodology to facilitate and develop the creative student.  Contact me for more information via this website!

Still have doubts or questions? Check out the following articles, just for starters.

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Releasing The Comforter Into Grief And Loss

This video’s intention is to release the Comforter into grief and loss as a spontaneous Holy Spirit led holistic frequency infused instrumental piece in 396 Hz on behalf of those navigating this specific journey. Holy Spirit desires to manifest as Comforter in  on deeper, higher, and wider levels on behalf of sons and daughters encountering inner healing and wholeness. This video also introduces my new March 2019 CD Release, The Promise: a Holy Spirit led spontaneous holistic infused instrumental CD with the intention of Scripture decrees over the generations, i.e. family, children, grandchildren, etc.. It also revisits my January 2019 CD Release, Flowing With Glory, a Holy Spirit led spontaneous holistic infused instrumental CD with the intention of Scripture decrees over the land and for the manifestation of the sons/daughters the Earth is groaning for. Be blessed in the  power of the Presence of the Comforter as He wraps you in the loving arms of your Heavenly Father. The Promise, Flowing With Glory, and all Tammy Sorenson Sound Expressions Music is available on this website under the Product Page, on under SHOP, on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold.

New Sound Healing Therapy CD: The Promise 3/3/19

The Promise is a holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led spontaneous instrumental CD, created strategically and intentionally with specific musical keys, tunings, temperaments, settings, and Scripture meditations to release our Heavenly Father’s promises into our atmospheres. More and more people around the globe are realizing the need for shifting away from stress-filled atmospheres/busy schedules and toward holistic healing approaches. Much research indicates music as playing a significant role in that journey.

This holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led spontaneous instrumental CD was created with the intention of renewing body, mind, soul, and spirit. What we allow into our atmospheres, our minds, our emotions, our spirits, and our physical bodies impacts each of us profoundly. Both sound and music inherently and creatively possess a strategically important intention/purpose, as do tunings, settings, keys, etc.. The Promise has been created strategically to holistically, peacefully, and uniquely shift your atmosphere by releasing renewal, refreshing, restoration, balance, and alignment to the busyness and stress of daily life. The Scriptures meditated on in the creation of this album project were specific to releasing our Heavenly Father’s best plans and purposes into the generations and over our generational lines.

Available NOWon this website Store, at CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and wherever digital distribution is available March 3, 2019.