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renewing the body through sound

Aleph Tav Body Cycle Albums

Introducing Aleph Tav Body Cycle Albums now available for download: Aleph Tav Body Cycle Music and Aleph Tav Body Cycle Music Compilation Album.  Aleph Tav Body Cycle Albums are holistic frequency infused instrumental music. Each album was inspired by Holy Spirit and created by Tammy Sorenson for Dr. Alphonzo Monzo’s Aleph Tav Body System (Aleph Tav Body…
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Immersive Sound Session

Sound and Healing Therapy InstructionAn extended Immersive Sound Session video that includes: *Each of the eight energy gateways *Meditation decrees *Scriptures *EMDR examples *Breathtaking photography of the Blue Ridge Mountains and waterfalls in each of the four seasons, and the Atlantic coastline.

New Podcast Launch

Living With EASE Podcast is my exciting new podcast launch: a holistic health podcast designed to encourage and equip listeners with tools for living and releasing EASE in the midst of all the DIS-EASE continually bombarding our atmospheres, lives, circumstances, and the culture we find ourselves navigating. Each week on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons,…
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Living Rest in 2022

Living Sabbath Virtual Retreat, January 7-9, 2022, brings a significant and timely perspective of living REST in this brand New Year, 2022! Many of us are so busy that we’ve forgotten to prioritize rest! However, there’s so much that God can teach us through our resting. Living REST in 2022 is the focus of upcoming…
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Releasing EASE Into DIS-EASE

Beginning January 1, 2022, begins an exciting new season of releasing EASE into dis-EASE for Sound Expressions and Tammy Sorenson. Fresh vision with a brand new creative and powerful album release launches January 1, 2022. I have attached my brand new informational cards below in this post, as well as my latest album, EASE –…
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EASE Launch Ministry Week

The week of November 2 – 8, 2021, will be an exciting week of Sound Expressions ministry. Tammy Sorenson, Psalmist and Sound Healing Therapist, will be with the One for One for One movement in Akron, Ohio. Holy Spirit has been downloading a NOW Word that is paramount to the Ecclesia at this critical juncture…
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Uniquely Personalized Sound Therapy

VoiceBio Sound Therapy I utilize VoiceBio software when working with sound and healing therapy clients. This software never ceases to amaze me in its absolute and profound accuracy! I love that the resulting VoicePrint provides me with a musical plan for creating a holistic frequency infused uniquely personalized sound therapy instrumental piece. Every song specifically…
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Making A Supernatural Shift

A Pause Over the past several months, I have found myself in the midst of a literal ‘pause’ in need of making a supernatural shift. This pause has been specific to processing the many conflicting, divisive, and egregious events transpiring in our nation, in the generations, and in the nations at this critical juncture in…
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Tammy Sorenson Spotify Highlights

It’s truly been an exciting year for Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions, evidenced by my new 2020 Spotify Wrapped for Artists. Tammy Sorenson Spotify Highlights 2020, i.e. 2020 Spotify Wrapped For Artists Video, contains some incredible growth and and amazing statistics! I am immeasurably, abundantly, and thankfully blessed by and for each and every listener streaming my…
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Gift Holistic Healing Sessions

Gift online holistic healing sessions this Christmas season to all your family and friends. All sessions, i.e. Integrated Life Process Sessions, Sound and Healing VoiceBio Therapy Sessions, Unique Personalized Scriptural Vibrational Sound Sessions, Unique Personalized Scriptural Vibrational Sound Sessions (weighted body tuners), and Vibrational Sound Sessions (Phase 1 EVT Tuning Forks) are discounted NOW through…
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