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renewing the body through sound

Heart of the Tribe

Heart of the Tribe YouTube Channel with Chelle Wagner hosted Dr. Alphonzo Monzo III and myself on December 6, 2023, specific to healing through sound therapy and frequencies. Dr. Monzo presented a PowerPoint with the history and science behind his Aleph Tav Body System. Our discussion included cymatics, sound therapy, tuning forks, various sound therapy…
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Spotify Wrapped 2023 Reveal

Spotify Wrapped 2023 Reveal results are in! I have no adequate words of thanksgiving! This post is prayerfully a huge thank you to each of my Spotify (and all other streaming platforms) holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit inspired spontaneous instrumental music listeners all around the world! I am beyond abundantly and immeasurably blessed! Throughout the…
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Meditations of EASE Release

Meditations of EASE Release. This release, Meditations of EASE Vol.1 and Meditations of EASE Vol. 2, personifies the intention, tunings, frequencies, settings, Scriptures, melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and Holy Spirit inspiration of “Peace, be still.” Physical bodies were never created to endure the constant low resonating frequencies of stress, schedules, traffic, illness, trauma, emotional roller coaster rides,…
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New Remote Staff Position

I am excited to announce the beginning of an amazing journey with a new remote sound therapy staff position! As of May 2023, I am officially on staff at Well-Being By Design as their Sound Therapist for remote sound therapy sessions. In 2019-2020, Dr. Alphonzo Monzo III, founder of the Aleph Tav Body System, along…
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Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay

This post contains my Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay interview from Thursday, December 15, 2022. I was blessed and honored to be a guest on her Thrive With Dr. Robin Perry Braun Show via the Bold Brave TV Network. Dr. Robin and I discussed holistic frequency infused sound therapy, the science behind sound therapy and…
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Gift of Sound Healing

Give those on your holiday shopping list the gift of Sound Healing this Christmas Season! I offer a variety of online Sound Therapy Sessions for holistic wellness, and an extensive library of both digital downloads and CDs to bless holistic music lovers. I also offer children’s books, unique Kingdom equipping curriculums, Sound Therapy curriculum, and…
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Awaken Your Journey Summit

I will be presenting on Day 2 of the upcoming, Awaken Your Journey Summit: Quantum Healing Technologies to Activate Spirit, Soul, Body Wellness, with host Mary Oliver. In this 10 day FREE online interview series, beginning September 14, 2022, you will learn from so many gifted people on the quantum healing technologies they use to…
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This Psalmist Has Landed!

It has been awhile since I’ve posted, therefore, it’s NOW time for an update. This Psalmist has officially landed! More to come on that statement throughout this post. One new album is in production status, with another of significance in sound and season percolating. We have completed a move from one state to another, from…
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Aleph Tav Body Cycle Albums

Introducing Aleph Tav Body Cycle Albums now available for download: Aleph Tav Body Cycle Music and Aleph Tav Body Cycle Music Compilation Album.  Aleph Tav Body Cycle Albums are holistic frequency infused instrumental music. Each album was inspired by Holy Spirit and created by Tammy Sorenson for Dr. Alphonzo Monzo’s Aleph Tav Body System (Aleph Tav Body…
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Immersive Sound Session

Sound and Healing Therapy InstructionAn extended Immersive Sound Session video that includes: *Each of the eight energy gateways *Meditation decrees *Scriptures *EMDR examples *Breathtaking photography of the Blue Ridge Mountains and waterfalls in each of the four seasons, and the Atlantic coastline.