Month: July 2015

renewing the body through sound

New: WATERFALLS August 2015 CD Release Available NOW

Since 2008, my prayer life has consisted mostly of praying The Lord’s Prayer in detail, and psalming Scripture as led by Holy Spirit. At this juncture, I am not alone in wondering why Scriptural and kairos Holy Spirit led prayers have not yet manifested in the natural realm; in seeking Blood-covered Holy Spirit led neos…
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I find myself in an interesting and uncomfortable new place in this NOW time. I have a sense I am not alone, therefore, I felt led to write, as one never knows who will be impacted, empowered, or encouraged when following Holy Spirit’s leading. I am in the midst of a new CD project as…
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Health Benefits of Music and New Products Page

It is often helpful to read what others in the Sound & Healing Therapy field are writing and discovering. Sound Expressions Sound & Healing Therapy Music and Books can now be purchased on this website using Paypal! Check out the following two articles, as well as my new Sound Expressions SHOP PRODUCTS Page and page. Three Health…
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