Month: February 2014

renewing the body through sound

Expressing Grace

It’s February, and as I write from Minnesota, it’s snowing…again…six more inches. This year winter has been long and hard, not only in the natural, but in this season of life many find themselves in. Snow is a prophetic reminder of our Heavenly Father’s grace covering the Earth. February has been a significant month for…
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A Shift in Focus and Releasing Gifts and Skills

(Note: This post has everything to do with Sound and Healing Therapy, because when musicians, artists, etc. yield our spirits and our focus to the infinite creativity of the frequencies of Heaven, both audible and visible through Holy Spirit on the Earth, our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies – our DNA – will find peace,…
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Winter Blossoms

I have been earnestly seeking specific direction for my next CD project, with regard to tuning, keys, frequencies, song titles/content, etc., as the world doesn’t really ‘need’ another CD, therefore, I want it to be wholeheartedly Spirit-led with Kingdom purpose. In the midst of my seeking, I have been immensely blessed recently by Holy Spirit…
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