Month: May 2016

renewing the body through sound

New Video: Spirit Breathe 639 Hz

This video, Spirit Breathe, in 639 Hz, has been created from my spontaneous instrumental piece by the same title, available on my April 2016 Sound & Healing Therapy CD Release, Key Expressions, along with photos taken by my husband and myself all across Transylvania County, North Carolina. This video invites the listener/viewer to encounter Holy…
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What Are We Creating?

As Believers – maturing children and sons – in Christ, we must in this NOW time understand that our thoughts and our words CREATE. Yes, I said CREATE, whatever we are thinking or speaking forth. Scripture and science both validate this statement. We get to choose WHAT we create because our Father in His immense…
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Make The Switch: A Language Change

If there is one thing I have learned from the journey our family has traversed, it’s that Believers must speak at all times through Heaven’s lens, releasing our Father’s eyes, ears, heart, mind, dreams, and will on the Earth, for such a time as this. By doing so, we become His vessels of releasing all…
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New Video: Releasing Joy Into Trauma & Grief – 396 Hz

It’s been awhile since I released a Sound Expressions Sound & Healing Therapy video. Be blessed by this spontaneous instrumental release, recorded in my recording studio (now located in the Blue Ridge region of NC), on behalf of those needing breakthrough in the areas of trauma, grief, offense, betrayal, immense pain emotionally, physically, mentally or…
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Sound Expressions Vol. 1 is my first Sound & Healing Therapy compilation CD. This CD collection includes my very best and favorite Spirit led spontaneously recorded instrumental strings and pad sounds from my first seven Sound & Healing Therapy albums: Alignment, Waves, Into Me See, Behold, Salt & Light, Waterfalls, and Joy Overflowing. For specific…
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