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renewing the body through sound

What Music Does To Your Body

The following video link contains a comprehensive look at the impact of music on the human body and is worth watching. Personally, I would have set the video to superior quality, intentional music (not that Beethoven’s Fur Elise isn’t quality or intentional, but rather, the use of a music box version on repeat). Sound and…
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NEW School of the Psalmists – Enrolling NOW!

Where Being A Son or Daughter 
After Father God’s Own Heart And Playing Skillfully to Him 
Converge   A psalmist is someone with a heart after Father God’s own heart, i.e. love for the Father and His love for others, who has studied to show themselves…
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Online Piano Instruction

Now Offering Piano Instruction with FaceTime or Skype Have you always wanted to play piano/keyboard, but never found the time? Did you take piano as a child and now have a desire to brush up on your skills or learn to play again for your own enjoyment? OR did you always want to take lessons…
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