Month: June 2020

renewing the body through sound

New Spiritual Wineskins

Old spiritual warfare wineskins are being shaken in this new season of manifesting His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. New wineskins obtained through intimate encounters with Holy Spirit every single day, just as Jesus did, are required in order to receive Heaven’s strategies needing to be released on Earth in/through our Oneness…
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True Justice Is A Frequency

The Beginning In June 2003, our family ministry, Jaran Family Ministries, traveled to Kansas City with Kids in Ministry International as the worship team for a KIMI Conference where Lou Engle launched a children’s prayer movement to overturn Roe v Wade. Our middle son debuted his guitar playing call that week, after five years of…
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Releasing Opposite Frequencies

Two opposing frequencies cannot coexist; the quantum Law of Resonance states that the strongest resonating frequency in any atmosphere will cause all lesser frequencies to come into alignment with it. Releasing the opposite positive frequency into anxiety, negativity, stress, fear, anger, chaos, etc. is vital and necessary to health and wellness, especially when circumstances around…
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The Sound Connection

Frequencies, sound, and the connection between emotional and physical health is intricately relevant to overall individual health, regardless of age, in the midst of current and extremely intense circumstances and world events. There is extensive research available validating the connection of emotions to physical health. There is also extensive research available validating the connection of…
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