Heart of the Tribe

renewing the body through sound

Heart of the Tribe

Heart of the Tribe YouTube Channel with Chelle Wagner hosted Dr. Alphonzo Monzo III and myself on December 6, 2023, specific to healing through sound therapy and frequencies. Dr. Monzo presented a PowerPoint with the history and science behind his Aleph Tav Body System. Our discussion included cymatics, sound therapy, tuning forks, various sound therapy sessions, higher and lower resonating frequencies. Questions from participants were additionally addressed.

Sound and music profoundly impact individuals and atmospheres with either positive or negative results. Our Source, i.e. Yah, Yeshua, Holy Spirit, the tunings, the frequencies, the intention, and the settings strategically bring the unseen into the seen realm. The restorative holistic properties of sound in the power of Holy Spirit belong in the Body of Christ. It’s NOW time to take back what the enemy has hijacked/counterfeited via the New Age. Click below to watch our Heart of the Tribe YouTube Channel Live Recording.

Living With EASE Meditation Series

Be sure to also check out my Living With EASE Meditation Video Series on my Official Artist YouTube Channel. Meditations #13 – #36, posted December 1 through December 24, are entitled Digging Deeper in December. Each Meditation daily releases a Scriptural truth, decree, or revelation from each of the 24 Chapters in the book of Luke. Each Meditation also includes a holistic frequency infused spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental piece.

Each Meditation’s intention is specific to releasing EASE into the DIS-EASE of the season, the culture, and the individuals navigating this juncture in His Story. Alternative holistic tunings are incorporated as I play in each of the twelve tones of the chromatic scale twice through over the 24 days. The intention is to prophetically represent the government of Heaven manifesting in the power of Christ on Earth, as well as the 24 elders laying down their crowns before the throne and decree, “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory, honor, and power, for you created all things, and for your pleasure they were created and exist.”

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