Month: October 2019

renewing the body through sound

Sound Therapy Hashimoto’s Results

I have been on a Hashimoto’s/autoimmune journey since 2013 in the midst of our youngest adopted son’s renal failure/transplant at the age of 15. It was actually at that juncture my application of sound therapy launched into a whole new adventure. I did extensive research on thyroid, Hashimoto’s, natural desiccated holistic options, etc., ended up…
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New Sound Healing Certifications and Licensing

I am abundantly blessed to announce the addition of a Vibrational Sound Practitioner Certification, upgrading to Vibrational Sound Coach Certification currently in progress (DNA/RNA Phase 3), as well as a Spiritual Healer License to Sound Expressions (renewing the body through sound). These certifications provide additional sound therapy options for clients, and broaden the spectrum from Sound Therapy…
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New Podcast: The Arts Expressed as The Empty Classroom

  My new podcast launch, The Empty Classroom from The Arts Expressed has been created specifically for families on the go. Every episode will focus on wisdom equipping that inspires and encourages, along with an activation of holistic frequency infused instrumental music to start/end/or to take a needed pause together in the midst of the busyness of life. In upcoming podcast episodes,…
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