Month: January 2021

renewing the body through sound

Streams of Refreshing Solfeggio Frequencies New Album Release

My new January 2021 album release, Streams of Refreshing Solfeggio Frequencies, is an innovative, intimate, and pioneering instrumental sound therapy album release. This new release intentionally releases a prolific refreshing new sound in a new season at the onset of a new year. Authentically depicted through the album art, Streams of Refreshing Solfeggio Frequencies Instrumental Sound Therapy releases…
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Whether To Press On Or Give Up

Twice this week during my daily five mile mountain hike, I have navigated conflicting elements forcing me to choose whether to press on or give up. Confronting frost and ice over the slippery moss covered edges on the road forced me to search out freshly laid salt/sand on the center yellow line. The new path…
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