Month: September 2019

renewing the body through sound

Reliability Confirmation/Validation

I have been wrestling with thyroid and hormonal issues on a larger scale for about five years. I finally remembered to give myself a VoiceBio at the same time retaking medical labs due to medication issues and physical symptoms. My results absolutely confirm/validate the reliability of the VoiceBio (now called Voice Harmony Analysis) software I utilize…
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New Podcast Launch: The Empty Classroom by The Arts Expressed

My new podcast launch, The Empty Classroom from The Arts Expressed has been created specifically for families on the go. Every episode will focus on wisdom equipping that inspires and encourages, along with an activation of holistic frequency infused instrumental music to start/end/or to take a needed pause together in the midst of the busyness of life. In upcoming podcast episodes, I…
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Sound Expressions For Kids Series

Sound Expressions for Kids Series is a holistic frequency infused spontaneous instrumental CD series, created specifically for children (parents/teachers/caretakers) to incorporate into vehicle riding time, study time/homework, quiet/calming time, classrooms, creative time, nap/bed time, sleep issues, etc.. More and more research is confirming the need for shifting away from stress-filled atmospheres/busy schedules and toward holistic healing…
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Everything Is Frequency

Everything is frequency. Every time we think a thought we are sending out frequency. Every time we speak a word we are sending out frequency. Every time we react or respond emotionally we are sending out frequency…all the while taking them in from all around us continuously. The strongest resonating frequency in any room causes…
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