Reliability Confirmation/Validation

I have been wrestling with thyroid and hormonal issues on a larger scale for about five years. I finally remembered to give myself a VoiceBio at the same time retaking medical labs due to medication issues and physical symptoms. My results absolutely confirm/validate the reliability of the VoiceBio (now called Voice Harmony Analysis) software I utilize in my Sound Healing Therapy sessions with clients. Due to confidentiality I would/could never share a client’s results even though I’ve seen reliability confirmation/validation repeatedly over the years, but I AM able to share my own results. Generally my C (thyroid and hormonal musical key in the software) is low or missing due to hypothyroidism. One can clearly see my thyroid is currently stressed in both my VoiceBio print and in my lab results. I have been playing in the musical key that helps de-stress it, as well as utilizing the corresponding essential oils, herbs, spices, teas, colors, stones, veggies, flowers, etc. while in progress of it being restored to its to proper balance. I have more labs next week and will repeat my VoiceBio to confirm another layer of my journey – body, mind, soul, and spirit. Reliability confirmation/validation is always a good thing in the alternative holistic fields.

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