Month: October 2013

renewing the body through sound

Sound and Healing Therapy Benefits

Many people are searching out alternative holistic health options, i.e., the benefits of essential oils, organic foods, healing touch, homeopathic alternatives on many levels, etc.. Therefore, it’s also time to search out the benefits of sound healing and therapy, especially since sound is energy. Research supports the impact of frequencies (various musical styles, words (words…
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Atmosphere Shifting Frequencies

Love is a frequency. Joy is a frequency. Peace is a frequency. Frequency may be the new ‘buzz’ word, but science validates these statements, because science validates their energy. Do you need some positive and peaceful frequencies to shift stress-filled, negative, or restless atmospheres or circumstances at work, at school, while driving, at home? Check…
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ALIGNMENT Renewing the Body Through Sound ALIGNMENT is my newest CD (release date October 2013), and the first release of many more to come from the Sound Expressions piece of The Arts Expressed. Four of our family members experienced significant health issues this past year, including our youngest son’s kidney failure/transplant. This journey prompted me to pursue my Sound…
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Body Frequencies and Tunings

Did you know that every system, organ, cell, muscle, tissue, etc. in your body has a resonant frequency? Did you know that the frequencies of your voice contain revelation pertaining to the balance of frequencies within your body? (How do people differentiate your voice from someone else’s? Do the symptoms of a cold manifest through your…
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