Body Frequencies and Tunings

renewing the body through sound

Body Frequencies and Tunings

Did you know that every system, organ, cell, muscle, tissue, etc. in your body has a resonant frequency? Did you know that the frequencies of your voice contain revelation pertaining to the balance of frequencies within your body? (How do people differentiate your voice from someone else’s? Do the symptoms of a cold manifest through your voice?) Did you know that musical pitches, colors, essential oils, & supplements are all frequencies that can be used to impact the balance of the frequencies within your body? Do these questions stir you to better steward the body you’ve been given to walk out the purpose you’ve been given? See other pertinent questions under the Sound Healing and Therapy page on this site if you are searching for alternatives to issues you are currently experiencing.

Did you know that the majority of music we listen to/participate in today is based on Equal Tempered tuning (the distance between each note being precisely the same as the distance to every other note, facilitating ease in going from key to key in conjunction with specific instruments)? Did you know that nothing in Creation has every single note equal to each other? Nature sings according to the Just Intonation or Just Tuning system (based on the harmonic structure of sound/the raw material used to create each of the frequencies within one octave). This harmonic structure can be found in: the distance between the planets, the weight of each vertabrea, the electron shells around the nucleus of an atom, in the quantum energy levels within each cell/energy system, the frequency of each chakra, & numerous other mind-boggling facets found in Creation. This poses an interesting question: shouldn’t the songs we release in worship of our Creator resonate with His Creation, since we are also His created? Is it possible this sound is a portion of what Creation is groaning to hear/see through the revealed Sons in Romans 8:19 (yes, as eternal beings, we are created resonating and receiving both auditory and visual frequencies)? Doesn’t it make sense, to at least more often than not, resonate the song each of us were created to release in tune with Creation, rather than to resonate something contrary to the tuning of nature (within the confines of man’s limited understanding since His ways are always higher), which simply always reveals the most magnificent visible expression of His glory on Earth?

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