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renewing the body through sound

Release the Sound Video

After experiencing a screeching halt in August due to the virus resulting in a major shift for the path ahead, this video focuses on numerous testimonies of encouragement to listeners as they navigate all that’s transpiring in the world. From releasing The Children’s Heart Cry, to losing over a month battling the variant, to being…
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Dreams Visions and an Acronym

This post converges recent Holy Spirit given dreams, visions, and an acronym; a prophetic word acronym. When I arrived home from my daily five mile mountain hike referenced in my previous post, Mowing Down Poisonous Snakes, I received an email from one of my certification instructors. The email inquired as to whether I would be interested…
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WarShip to Cruise Ship to Ark

As a prophetic psalmist/intercessor, I have spent a lifetime discovering the progression from warship to cruise ship to ark. Up until recent years, that journey has been navigated mostly through the church. I have been in the trenches of worship music as it both exploded and transformed from its humble beginnings in the 1970’s to…
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Making A Supernatural Shift

A Pause Over the past several months, I have found myself in the midst of a literal ‘pause’ in need of making a supernatural shift. This pause has been specific to processing the many conflicting, divisive, and egregious events transpiring in our nation, in the generations, and in the nations at this critical juncture in…
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Gift Holistic Healing Sessions

Gift online holistic healing sessions this Christmas season to all your family and friends. All sessions, i.e. Integrated Life Process Sessions, Sound and Healing VoiceBio Therapy Sessions, Unique Personalized Scriptural Vibrational Sound Sessions, Unique Personalized Scriptural Vibrational Sound Sessions (weighted body tuners), and Vibrational Sound Sessions (Phase 1 EVT Tuning Forks) are discounted NOW through…
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Integrated Life Process Practitioner

Newly certified Integrated Life Process Practitioner Sessions 60 – 70 minutes sessions incorporating muscle testing, energy release, nutrition, Holy Spirit led prayer, Scripture, and sound therapy. Numerous breakthrough client testimonials since embarking on this journey.. Numerous breakthrough client testimonials since embarking on this journey. Here’s what Dawn from North Carolina (2020), has to say about…
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