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renewing the body through sound

Release the Sound Video

After experiencing a screeching halt in August due to the virus resulting in a major shift for the path ahead, this video focuses on numerous testimonies of encouragement to listeners as they navigate all that’s transpiring in the world. From releasing The Children’s Heart Cry, to losing over a month battling the variant, to being propelled into a major focal shift (leaving loss, disappointment, grief, division, confusion behind), to launching a new trauma release sound therapy album, to testimonies of thankfulness, gratefulness, humility, a wiser/higher perspective, and to being reenergized in focusing wholly on His Presence…

Focusing on the sound of Heaven’s heartbeat, will, and attributes…the higher resonating frequencies necessary not only for health and wellness, but also for navigating the circumstances in which we all find ourselves. This podcast gives testimony to releasing Presence into the atmosphere for such a time as this…into the multitude of answers many are searching for in this hour. It concludes with a Holy Spirit led instrumental meditation in 396 Hz, 639 Hz, and 963 Hz with majestic scenes captured from Mt. Pisgah, NC.

For those who prefer audio to video, click Podcast on the website to listen. This link is also on the Sound Expressions Home Page as a Heading.

The Children’s Heart Cry © 2021 Tammy Sorenson CD Jewel Case Design by Jadan Sorenson, Mixed by Jaran Sorenson

Release The Sound You Were Created To Make © 2021 Tammy Sorenson, CD Jewel Case Design by Allison Teal Lewis

Check out both The Children’s Heart Cry (Sound Therapy Album, Book: The Sound of a Generation, Online Course, and Curriculum: Equipping A Generation To BE The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth), and Release The Sound You Were Created To Make under SHOP PRODUCTS on this website, at, on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, and wherever digital distribution is sold. Coming late fall: an EMDR version of Release The Sound with and a trauma release technique package that includes organic therapeutic oils/gems blends for each holistic frequency.

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