Month: June 2021

renewing the body through sound

The Children’s Heart Cry – Love

The Children’s Heart Cry is love: to love, to be loved, and be known by Love. Love is the highest and greatest resonating frequency of all. This short equipping speaks of the authentic and unconditional love for which every heart longs. Love is essential to holistic health and wellness. In the majority of the video,…
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The Children’s Heart Cry Video Series #2

The Children’s Heart Cry Video Series #2 discusses frequencies and the Law of Attraction. Everything is frequencies. We attract whatever frequencies we focus on (Quantum Law of Attraction). This applies to everything from negativity, division and anger, to fear and anxiety (all lower resonating frequencies), to peace, respect, honor, and love (all higher resonating frequencies).…
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Holy Spirit As Conductor Is Key

Kingdom life is very much analogous to that of a symphonic orchestra, a concert band, a concert choir, maybe even a pep band. The point is that it’s very much like playing an instrument in an ensemble or singing in a choir; being a contributing and active member to and in an ensemble. Why? Holy…
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Children’s Heart Cry Video Series Introduction

The Children’s Heart Cry Video Series is an introduction to a new weekly YouTube and Rumble video series. I am a prophetic psalmist who intentionally engages my training/gifting as a classical pianist, sound & healing therapist, intimate knowledge of Holy Spirit/the Word, & my education to encourage, edify, and call forth the good idea in…
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Sunrise and Sunset Frequencies

This morning I was awakened to pondering sunrise and sunset frequencies; both have resonating frequencies and our perspective determines their impact. I am a prophetic psalmist. I am not a doom and gloom prophet to the nations, but rather, one who is called to edify, encourage, comfort, and call forth the good idea in every…
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