Month: June 2021

renewing the body through sound

Holy Spirit As Conductor Is Key

Kingdom life is very much analogous to that of a symphonic orchestra, a concert band, a concert choir, maybe even a pep band. The point is that it’s very much like playing an instrument in an ensemble or singing in a choir; being a contributing and active member to and in an ensemble. Why? Holy…
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Children’s Heart Cry Video Series Introduction

The Children’s Heart Cry Video Series is an introduction to a new weekly YouTube and Rumble video series. I am a prophetic psalmist who intentionally engages my training/gifting as a classical pianist, sound & healing therapist, intimate knowledge of Holy Spirit/the Word, & my education to encourage, edify, and call forth the good idea in…
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Sunrise and Sunset Frequencies

This morning I was awakened to pondering sunrise and sunset frequencies; both have resonating frequencies and our perspective determines their impact. I am a prophetic psalmist. I am not a doom and gloom prophet to the nations, but rather, one who is called to edify, encourage, comfort, and call forth the good idea in every…
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