The Children’s Heart Cry Video Series #2

renewing the body through sound

The Children’s Heart Cry Video Series #2

The Children’s Heart Cry Video Series #2 discusses frequencies and the Law of Attraction. Everything is frequencies. We attract whatever frequencies we focus on (Quantum Law of Attraction). This applies to everything from negativity, division and anger, to fear and anxiety (all lower resonating frequencies), to peace, respect, honor, and love (all higher resonating frequencies). When we intentionally choose to focus on higher resonating frequencies, along with equipping the next generation to do so, everything shifts.

It’s time to discover the higher resonating frequencies we have been called to search out mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This episode focuses on attracting higher resonating frequencies and balance for optimum health and wellness. A short Holy Spirit led spontaneous holistic frequency infused instrumental piece in A 444 Hz, strategically utilizing strings for best balancing odd and even harmonics (holistic health and wellness), is introduced, followed by an explanation of The Children’s Heart Cry Project, closing out The Children’s Heart Cry Video Series #2 with 20+ minutes of instrumental sound therapy.

For further study, meditation, devotions, rest, realigning, equipping, etc. I encourage you to check out Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of a Generation on Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle. Check out my new sound therapy instrumental release, The Children’s Heart Cry, on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and my websites. See also my Online Equipping Course, and Curriculum, The Children’s Heart Cry: Equipping a Generation to BE the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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