Holy Spirit Inspired Music

renewing the body through sound

Holy Spirit Inspired Music

Join Chelle Wagner and myself on Heart of the Tribe Youtube Channel for an exciting study and exploration of The Frequency of Healing Sound – Holy Spirit Inspired Music. Each Session will be live-streamed on Heart of the Tribe Youtube Channel over the upcoming weeks on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. EST (no Sessions January 29, 2024 or March 4, 2024).

The Frequency of Healing Sound Part One begins with decades of my personal testimony and Scriptural background/encounters that led up to this kairos juncture in His Story. The focus then shifts to both a biblical and scientific introduction to the subject of the Healing Frequency of Sound. All things should be tested against the Scriptures. Many things have been stolen from the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth due to fear. The enemy came for nothing but to kill, steal, and destroy, but Yeshua came that we might have life and life more abundantly. This is a day where we absolutely need every tool of the Spirit in our Spiritual Tool Box. Let’s examine how to truly walk in Spirit and Truth in the Kingdom Dynamics our Bridegroom Yeshua has prepared for us.

The Frequency of Healing Sound Part Two discusses the frequencies of emotions and their impact on our physical bodies. The profound benefits of music in health and wellness is also addressed in detail. Beginning with The Frequency of Healing Sound Part Three, I will begin to unpack holistic frequencies in extensive detail. Each frequency will be connected to a number of significant Biblical truths/attributes that have been made available to us through Yeshua in the power of Holy Spirit NOW! The use of specific tuning forks will also be included in The Frequency of Healing Sound Parts Three, Four, and Five.

Be sure to check out my latest album release, EASE AMIDST DIS-EASE, as it awakens and activates much of the intention presented in the Frequency of Healing Sound – Holy Spirit Inspired Music. EASE AMIDST DIS-EASE is available on my websites as well as on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms. You can also watch the Livestream and/or the recording on my Tammy Sorenson Verified Youtube Artist Channel under LIVE.

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