Month: May 2020

renewing the body through sound

Converging Pentecost, Tsunamis, and Christmas

In December of 2007, I was given a vision of a cosmic tsunami wave about to hit the shores of the nations. I was told to ‘get my surfboard ready’; that I had seen the vision because I was going to ride the wave when it arrives. That exact same month and year, a 10…
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Pandemics, Whatevers, and Suddenlies!

The Arts Expressed Holy Spirit Adventures Episode #4 Pandemics, Whatevers, and Suddenlies! These past several months we have found ourselves in the midst of worldwide pandemic, i.e. Covid-19 fears, panic, anxiety, lockdown restrictions, and re-opening phases, along with chaotic 24/7 media and social media wars, lies, anger, and division. One can choose to immerse one’s…
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