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Holistic Frequency Infused Instrumental Music

Calming, Peaceful, Intimate, Innovative, and Prolific Spontaneous Holy Spirit Led Holistic Frequency Infused Instrumental Music To Renew The Body Through Sound – Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically

Discerning, Hearing, and Releasing the Energy of the Word through Sounds/Frequencies of the Healer Expressed on Behalf of You!


Lullabies of EASE Sound Therapy 

New Sound Therapy Instrumental Release January 2023!

Lullabies of EASE (energy and sound expressed) is a holistic frequency infused instrumental album of 14 Holy Spirit led spontaneously recorded tracks to create a peaceful, calm, and soothing atmosphere for sleep and healing. This holistic frequency infused album is the perfect gift for new parents, as well as for parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Lullabies of EASE was Intentionally created to calm and soothe the atmosphere through holistic frequencies your little ones can sleep to during nap time, bedtime, or any time. Unlike “white or pink noise,” these instrumental holistic frequencies pieces include 174 Hz and each of the solfège frequencies that induce both a peaceful and healing environment for anyone of any age.

Hymns of EASE Sound Therapy 

New Sound Therapy Instrumental Release November 2022!  

Each hymn is recorded in strategic and intentional holistic tuning, frequencies, and settings. Because the hymns are public domain, this album will not generate any streaming revenue. Therefore, I pray many will purchase the full downloads (or purchase a physical copy from this website) for their own devotional and intimate time with Holy Spirit, enjoying the richness of worship music that has stood the test of time. I know I thoroughly enjoyed the recording process with this album assignment. I am also abundantly thankful to my husband, Kevan, who applied his gift of sound to produce the piano pieces on this album.!

EASE for the Nations Sound Therapy 

New Sound Therapy Instrumental Release September  2022!  

New EASE for the Nations Holistic Frequencies Sound Therapy and Intercessory Instrumental album! An exciting Holy Spirit download assignment, releasing the heartbeat of Heaven on Earth for the Nations. Energy And Sound Expressed (EASE) manifests the intention of the assignment received 
through a profound vision while driving; Instantly and clearly hearing the assignment of creating and releasing EASE for the Nations. David Munoz designed my  jewel case, amazingly capturing my vision. Holy Spirit strategically revealed the holistic frequencies, settings, tunings, and nations details, and as always, was an amazing conductor in the spontaneous recording process!

EASE – Energy And Sound Expressed 

Sound Therapy releasing EASE into the DIS-EASE

EASE as an acronym has been prophesied over me several times. It culminated in Summer 2021 when asked to compile a chart of my holistic instrumental music specific to various diseases by Dr. Robin Perry Braun of Integrated Life Strategies. Holy Spirit was intimately in the details of this amazing spontaneous recording project and its titles, frequencies, colors, and Scriptures, and also EASE as a Kingdom collaboration (art and aromatherapy). While working on my Digging Deeper In December Podcast, Holy Spirit unveiled powerful revelation in Hebrews 4:12 via TPT specific to the Energy piece in my EASE acronym. January 1, 2022, is the official album release and launch of EASE – Energy And Sound Expressed; NOW/cutting edge vision specific to Sound Expressions, Tammy Sorenson, and EASE. 

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Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my customers say:

“Well, that ranks right up there with the best gifts I’ve ever received. Words fail to describe the experience (which is why we need music), but I’ll try… I felt rested, rejuvenated, loved, restored, excited, captivated, grateful. I sensed that God was singing over me, “You’ve never been alone and you will never be alone.” What a gift, what a blessing! Thank you doesn’t cut it but I say the words anyways with my whole heart.” 


“The anointing of the Holy Spirit ministered in such a way it brings me to tears every time I listen to it. The music is so soothing and healing to my body. I highly recommend that you have a VoiceBio done as well. Truly a gift from God to restore health and healing to your whole mind, body, soul and spirit. Thank you, Tammy, for your obedience and creation of this method. I listen to the CD you sent me of the recorded music many times a day. I am excited to receive the healing that is transmitted through the music.” 


“I have no English words to expressly gratitude not only for your friendship, but for all the healing you have brought to me – and now to my generational bloodline. Truly a ‘spit and dirt’ day! May Deuteronomy 1:11 blessings spring forth and flow abundantly for all you are and all you do.”


“We have been working with your frequencies for years. Thank you for your service, which has definitely brought more fruit than you think! Please do not let anything or anyone stop you on the path that Almighty has prepared for you!”



“I’ve been playing your kids album in my home and it’s so calming and peaceful! I have it streaming from Apple Music in my living room while we are homeschooling, going about our day, and I’m really hopeful that it’ll help shift the atmosphere when it feels chaotic and drives me to anxiousness/feeling stressed…”

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