June 2024 Album Release

renewing the body through sound

June 2024 Album Release

’65’ is the title of my new June 2024 Album Release! This brand new album contains a brand new sound for a brand new season! As a Holy Spirit album assignment, ’65’ flows from beginning to end as a full on holistic Presence-focused body massage. My newest holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit inspired spontaneously recorded album release, ’65,’ encompasses soundscapes of textures, timbres, and intricate melodies that soothe the body, mind, soul, and spirit. 

65‘s’ album cover design was originally a gift created by our son specific to edifying descriptors of me as his mother, along with one of my favorite Scriptures, i.e. Isaiah 60. I enlarged his intention in all the powerful higher resonating life breathing frequency words with Psalm 65 and Isaiah 65:16-25 (TPT). 


We are currently in the decade of PEY (i.e. mouth, word, expression, speech) in the year 5784/2024 (i.e. open doors). The words we speak must intentionally focus on releasing Kingdom life and truths for both ourselves and others, as individuals and as nations. While creating my album introduction, I was prompted to look up the Scriptural/spiritual meaning and significance of the number ’65.’ What Holy Spirit revealed in my research confirmed what I already knew and have experienced this album assignment to be:

“The number 65 holds tremendous symbolism and spiritual significance in the Bible. It is often said to represent a time of renewal and transformation, where one is given the opportunity to start anew and make positive changes in their lives. This number is also associated with divine grace and mercy, indicating a period of forgiveness and generosity. This June 2024 Album Release, ’65’, reminds us that we are given the opportunity to start again, to let go of the past, and to embrace a brighter future filled with hope and promise.” 1


In listening to the final mix of this newest album release, I am overcome with humble awe of Holy Spirit, of my Heavenly Father, and of my Lord and King. I am overflowing with immeasurable thanksgiving for Heaven’s creativity being gifted and released through me as His psalmist. My prayers and decrees for every treasured listener is that every unique holistic frequency track releases a Presence encounter that supernaturally renews, refreshes, restores, and transforms all who seek Him; for every need and every desire in this present hour in His Story to manifest on each listener’s behalf. 

Each of the Solfeggio frequencies, i.e. 963 Hz, 852 Hz, 741 Hz, 639 Hz, 528 Hz, 444 Hz, 417 Hz, 396 Hz, 285 Hz, and 174 Hz is infused into ’65’. The frequency order of the tracks is similar to that of the Aleph Tav Body Cycle Music. Three of the highest resonating essential oil frequencies are also included in this powerfully exciting new upcoming June 2024 Album Release!


65‘ officially releases on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms, i.e. Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, etc. on 06/05/2024. To purchase ‘65‘ and/or to see further ‘65′ Album details, click SHOP PRODUCTS on this website beginning 06/05/2024.

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