Month: December 2021

renewing the body through sound

Upcoming Living Sabbath Retreat

Many of us are so busy that we’ve forgotten to prioritize rest! However, there’s so much that God can teach us through our resting. REST is the focus of the upcoming Living Sabbath Virtual Retreat, and I’m honored to be one of the speakers.  The unique virtual format of this retreat gives you a chance…
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Releasing EASE Into DIS-EASE

Beginning January 1, 2022, begins an exciting new season of releasing EASE into dis-EASE for Sound Expressions and Tammy Sorenson. Fresh vision with a brand new creative and powerful album release launches January 1, 2022. I have attached my brand new informational cards below in this post, as well as my latest album, EASE –…
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Digging Deeper In December 444Hz

Digging Deeper In December 444Hz, Episode #10, unpacks several powerful truths from Luke Chapter 10 in TPT, specific to our our discipleship commission, Holy Spirit conviction, misconceptions about ‘backlash,’ authentic love, loving ourselves, and a discussion of being a Mary in a Martha driven world. I include a recommendation of Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith’s book, Sacred…
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Digging Deeper In December 639Hz

Welcome to Digging Deeper In December Episode #5 in 639Hz tuning, releasing EASE into the DIS-EASE of the season. From December 1 through December 24, my Sound Expressions Podcast will present, Digging Deeper In December. My podcast will release a daily Scriptural truth, decree, or revelation from each of the 24 Chapters in the book…
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