Month: October 2020

renewing the body through sound

We Activate What We Magnify

We become what we behold and we activate what we magnify. Back in Minnesota during our final eleven year season, Holy Spirit was extremely clear regarding an intentional directive to ‘choose life’ – to behold Him in all things: thoughts, words, priorities, vote, time, especially prayer, etc.. During that season, I regularly prayer walked four…
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The Roar Of Your Waterfalls

I walk five miles up and down 20+ mountainous hills every day for both weight loss and health purposes. I love living in NC as there are very few days where being out in nature is not an option (in stark contrast to the -20 temps of ND/MN over much of my life). More than…
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We See In A Mirror Dimly

My early morning mountain walk was accompanied by the cool, foggy autumn air and many brightly colored falling leaves sounding like the pitter patter of a light rain. Holy Spirit highlighted the fog with His Word: “For now [in this time of imperfection] we see in a mirror dimly [a blurred reflection, a riddle, an…
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The weather forecast for the entire day included 40 to 100 percent chance of rain. Due to a continual battle with weight and our daughter’s upcoming wedding, a rest day was not an option. I sensed Holy Spirit beckoning me to rest IN HIM (I AM YOUR OASIS), as opposed to the natural rest my…
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