Month: October 2022

renewing the body through sound

Awaken Your Journey Interview

In September of 2022, I was blessed and honored to be included in a unique holistic health summit with Open Heart Life Ministry, hosted by Mary Oliver. Awaken Your Journey Summit was specific to quantum healing technologies that activate spirit, soul, and body wellness. Below are the two Awaken Your Journey Interview Sessions I participated…
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Faith Hope And Love

Faith Hope And Love. Spontaneous Music Composed by Tammy Sorenson and Words by Kevan Sorenson. This Faith, Hope, and Love video focuses on encouraging the intention of Faith, Hope, And Love over focusing on the battle. It is set to holistic instrumental frequency infused music from my new EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed) for the…
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Hymns Of EASE Release

Announcing my upcoming November 2022 Hymns of EASE Release! I grew up on both piano and organ benches playing hymns from elementary school age. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that the worship movement began to shift away from hymns, choruses, and music notation to the chord charts that are commonly standard in the current worship…
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