Month: July 2021

renewing the body through sound

Dreams Visions and an Acronym

This post converges recent Holy Spirit given dreams, visions, and an acronym; a prophetic word acronym. When I arrived home from my daily five mile mountain hike referenced in my previous post, Mowing Down Poisonous Snakes, I received an email from one of my certification instructors. The email inquired as to whether I would be interested…
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New EMDR Bilateral Music Sets

I am excited to introduce three new EMDR Bilateral Music Sets, 1, 2, and 3!!! Now available to download as individual songs or as full sets on this website under SHOP PRODUCTS and at Set 1 will also be available as a physical CD, and sold wherever digital distribution is available: Apple Music, Spotify,…
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Mowing Down Poisonous Snakes

A Dream Mowing down poisonous snakes is not exactly a fuzzy warm blog topic. Sharing how the Lord reveals things for me might empower readers to discern more in their own journeys. A week ago I received a significant dream specific to frustration over generational issues and delays I have spent decades praying through and…
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