Mowing Down Poisonous Snakes

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Mowing Down Poisonous Snakes

A Dream

Mowing down poisonous snakes is not exactly a fuzzy warm blog topic. Sharing how the Lord reveals things for me might empower readers to discern more in their own journeys. A week ago I received a significant dream specific to frustration over generational issues and delays I have spent decades praying through and over. I have been experiencing that same frustration in the natural realm, regarding some specific patterns of going around the mountain again when we should be ascending the mountain at this juncture. I shared the dream with my husband and we both spent the week searching out the mysteries on this issue. 

A Vision

One morning this week I awakened at 5:30 a.m.. I had no earthly reason to be up that early so I laid back down and attempted forcing myself back to sleep. Instead, I was given a vision of me oddly mowing down the grass in our back yard meadow. I was push mowing one foot mowing strips at a time, horizontally, as to ensure mowing down poisonous snakes, i.e. copperheads hiding in the tall grass would be annihilated by the mower with each push, eliminating me being caught off guard and bitten.

Mowing forward one short push at a time, then pulling back to align the mower and repeating the process horizontally. This method would require additional mowing time that simply pushing a straight long line, as one would typically mow.


I thought the vision was strange and finally got up at 6:00 a.m.. I sat looking out over that meadow as I spent time with the Lord. Out of nowhere I heard the hymn, “Abide With Me” in the spirit. I instantly remembered Holy Spirit quickening that word to me from John 15 back in 2001. I remember it like it was yesterday. I know exactly where I was sitting and how the words literally jumped off the page at me. In the years halfway between receiving that word and now, He instructed me to “STOP STRIVING.”

I promptly read through John 15 and looked up the definition of the word, ‘abide.’ Following my word study, I live-streamed our son’s worship service. It was intimate and concluded with communion (our son, Jadan, is the musical director and guitarist at a mega church in Atlanta and we livestream all of his services). I then promptly headed out on my daily five mile mountain hike. 

Poo and Poisonous

On one stretch, I was suddenly distracted by dog poop in the middle of the road and all over the ditch close to where I usually walk. This becomes an unusual distraction, as prophetically, it means to tire out or quit at the last moment, which is how I have been feeling and thinking; wrestling with the Lord concerning my calling and so many losses in our family, as well as health issues and ministry delays.

As I turned the corner in the midst of the distraction, I instantly saw it: a copperhead – right there on my path – right where I walk on the left side of the road facing any oncoming traffic, It was neither crushed nor moving; simply frozen. I stopped, unsure of a copperhead’s aggressive state, and then proceeded to rush past it on the back side while turning to take the following picture as I moved further away. 



Instantly I remembered my early morning vision and pressed inward with Holy Spirit to bring perspective in putting the puzzle pieces together. I knew poisonous snakes represent lies and venomous accusations. I also knew what they represented in our family, my calling, and in our nation. I knew Holy Spirit was telling me how to keep mowing down poisonous snakes; how to cut the head off of the poisonous snakes generationally, culturally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally, specific to the dream I had received the week prior, as well as presently in our nation.

Mowing prophetically references cutting or pruning, which connects back to the hymn I heard, “Abide With Me,” and my directive from Him in 2001.  (Shortly after receiving that 2001 directive, I received another directive concerning Amos 9:11, Acts 15:16, Isaiah 56:7, Jeremiah 7:11, Matthew 21:13, Mark 11:17; each about rebuilding His house as a house of prayer.) In the vision, how I saw myself mowing horizontally, represented what I do when I psalm according to Holy Spirit leading on the piano/keyboard in both the spirit and natural realms.

Being Who He Created Us To Be

All of this caused me to again search out that which ‘I know that I know’ He has called me: to be a house of prayer; to be His palm tree (Tammy – Female with Hebrew origins. Meaning of the name Tammy: Palm Tree). In BE-ing, i.e. abiding as His house of prayer (worship, praise, decreeing His Word, playing skillfully psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs – palming spontaneously and prophetically, sound healing therapy), allowing my roots to go down deep as I weather the storms of this life, as His Mary, Esther, and Deborah, i.e. as an His oasis on behalf of others, the venomous snakes are frozen and unable to move or impact.

They are mowed down with their heads cut off in our family, on behalf of others, and on behalf of nations. I simply need to BE, i.e. ABIDE, as He has dreamt and purposed for me to be in Him. No striving. No trying to make things happen. Nothing and no one but Jesus to chase anymore (from certifications and training to followers, likes, and attendance). Simply BE. In that He sees me as His perfect one. (Meaning of the name Tammy: “Perfection” in Biblical Hebrew. Tammy is a Hebrew girl name. The meaning of the name is `perfect one. `) He never meant it to be any more complicated than that for any of us.

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