Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound Of A Generation

Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound Of A Generation

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Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of A Generation

New book release June 2021: Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of a Generation. Every generation has a sound. The children of this generation have a desperate heart cry to walk in and be empowered by the eternal Truths embedded in their DNA. Immersed in a culture of negativity and its many forms results in low resonating frequencies. Negative frequencies impact health, relationships, and overall quality of life on a multitude of levels.

Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of a Generation converges the practical with Scripture, quantum science, holistic health and wellness, and the supernatural atmosphere of the Kingdom of Heaven. This convergence shifts our focus to the highest resonating frequencies. It shifts our focus to being vessels of resounding and releasing those higher resonating frequencies on Earth as it is in Heaven. The end result is a realigning and resetting of abundant life. Shifting our focus on to the One who is the Solution for all issues, significantly, tangibly, and supernaturally transforms the unique sound of individuals, families, communities, and nations for generations to come.

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Companion Sound Therapy Album

Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of a Generation stands alone as an exciting new resource for the equippers of this generation (i.e. parents, grandparents, teachers, home educators, caregivers, etc.). Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of a Generation can also be read as a companion book to my new cutting edge holistic frequency infused instrumental album, The Children’s Heart Cry Sound TherapyBoth the book and the album (or download) are available on this website store (separately or as a combination package). Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of a Generation is also available on Amazon/Kindle.

Tammy Sorenson’s passion and calling is equipping the generations to walk in healing and wholeness. Her unique Kingdom ministry focuses on awakening, activating, and releasing Holy Spirit’s Presence, the living Word, and holistic infused frequencies. These frequencies empower children, youth, and adults to walk in love, peace, and joy. He who the Son sets free is free indeed from generational, cultural, physical, emotional, behavioral, and temporal issues that hinder our journeys.

Foreword by:
Dr. Robin Perry Braun, Author of Thrive: Applying Biblical and Quantum Principles To Live A Transformed Life
                      Shelley Hitz, Author Coach/Artist at Christian Book Academy 
                      Dr. Joann Freeburg, Freeburg Pianos/A Grand Experience and Founder/Pres, Music Foundation of WNC
                      Emily Powers, Children’s Author/The ONE Movement.


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