Grace for the Journey

Grace for the Journey


Grace For The Journey
Tammy Sorenson (2012)

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Grace for the Journey is a soaking collection of piano pieces, recorded purposefully to facilitate “clearing the clutter” of life in exchange for experiencing the overwhelming, peaceful presence of the Lord.

The first piece, Throne Room, is a spontaneous, unrehearsed instrumental piece created as it was being recorded, as were each of the individual piano pieces on the disc that follow. This Holy Spirit inspired music is free flowing, calming, reflective, and contemplative.

Along with the other professional musicians in our family (The Arts Expressed), I have released spontaneous, improvisational music for years, and Spirit-led creative expression is represented within each track on this CD. Grace for the Journey has an authentic, relaxing sound that pulls the listener’s spirit into an intimate pursuit of practicing His presence.

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions February 2012.
All Rights Reserved.
Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
Jewel Case Art by Jadan Advertising And Design


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