Tammy Sorenson (2013)

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ALIGNMENT is a vertical and horizontal expression, just as is our relationship with God, the Creator of all things in Heaven and on Earth. God spoke Creation into existence through the command and frequencies of His voice.

Sound and Healing Therapy Music.
This CD is unique, in that the pieces are improvisational and recorded spontaneously without edits, and includes one piece for each key of the 12 tone scale. Each musical key is targeted to specific frequency areas of the human body, impacting and supporting spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The CD was recorded in Pythagorean Tuning, which was used by ancient Greeks, Gregorian chants, and is one of the oldest tunings used in European orchestral music. Greeks were highly focused on mathematics as a means of measuring and expressing all things physical and spiritual, and thus music intervals were mathematically precise. Pythagorean Tuning was used because the intervals are based on the harmonic series ratio 3:2, which produces what are described as pure tones of perfect fifths, fourths, and octaves. These pure tones are found in the frequencies of Creation. For these reasons, Pythagorean Tuning is also a primary tuning choice of sound therapists.

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