Tammy Sorenson (2014)

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Sound and Healing Therapy Music. This CD project began with an unction to create pieces that incorporated specific frequencies reflecting the title of the album I felt led to release: Into ME See. In contrast to previous CD recording projects, my prompting regarded 12 specific frequencies, one for each piece, without any preconceived ideas for the melodies, individual song titles, or Scriptures to work from. In line with my sound and healing therapy training, I was led to record a piece for each of the 12 tone keys. I also used different scale tunings, i.e. Equal Tempered and Pythagorean, letting the sound settings determine which tuning was utilized.

With nothing more than the specified frequency promptings and an album title, I was led to spontaneously create the pieces, each piece in a different key with a different frequency. When the recording project was completed, I sensed a prompting to do a general internet search on the varying frequencies to see whether there were Scripture references correlating to the frequency numbers. For example, for the frequency 456, I searched 45:6 and 4:56. To my amazement, for each of the frequencies there was only one Scripture match for each reference in my searches. The verses that related to the frequency searches became the song titles for this CD project.

I feel the Scripture references, i.e. the specific frequencies, tell an intimate story about the creative inner frequencies of the Creator of the Universe, Elohiym. I stand in absolute amazement at the process Holy Spirit used in conducting me through this newest CD project, as revealed in Isaiah 45:3, ‘And I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, Who calls you by your name.’ Each song title reference is a unique frequency word picture contained within the Word, frequencies, tunings, and settings of each spontaneous piece, through Holy Spirit leading into the depths of intimate meditation, healing, and restoration. I pray that as you seek and meditate intimately with Holy Spirit, He will lead you into the very depths of His mysteries, as well for whatever your personal needs may be. He is your Healer, Restorer, Lover, and Friend. Be blessed!

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions August 2014.
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Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
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