Salt & Light

Salt & Light


Salt & Light
Tammy Sorenson (2015)

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Sound and Healing Therapy Music. Holy Spirit confirmed A444 Hz to me as a Spirit-led, Biblical tuning for the curing of dis-ease spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. This is the tuning I have used since 2009, when I first received the revelation with confirmation. Since releasing Free to Be His Gloryand A Spontaneous Christmas Keyboard Collection in 528 Hz, Holy Spirit has continued to ‘peel the onion’ so-to-speak, with the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of this revelation through Scripture, dreams, prophetic signs, and the scientific research in my Sound and Healing Therapy and VoiceBio certifications. A444 Hz contains the most complete resonance of the overtone series in very specific frequencies Holy Spirit has repeatedly revealed to me in my research.

Salt & Light includes the following frequencies to best impact the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, via Holy Spirit leading and revelation, and Sound and Healing Therapy research. The titles on the hard copy CD are the frequencies written both in English and in Hebrew. Since Hebrew numbers are also letters, word pictures are a piece of the intention. For digital distribution I was also required to add titles:

333 Hz – Key E – I Simply Live To Worship
333 Hz – Key E – Call To Me
396 Hz – Key G – Blessed
417 Hz – Key G# – The Kingdom Is Here
444 Hz – Key A (releases 55 Hz, 111 Hz, 222 Hz, 444 Hz, and 888 Hz) – The Glory
528 Hz – Key C (releases 33 Hz, 333 Hz) – You Are My Bride
639 Hz – Key E (A tuned to 441 Hz releases the E4 333 Hz) – Eternal
741 Hz – Key F# (A tuned to 441 Hz) – I AM
852 Hz – Key Ab (A tuned to 451 Hz) – Arise & Shine

For those familiar with my previous Sound and Healing Therapy CDs, note that the specific frequencies utilized in Salt & Light are those known in the Sound and Healing Therapy field as the Solfeggio frequencies, as opposed to the twelve key tones pertaining to the body’s resonant frequency areas. The intention behind the Solfeggio frequencies and the nine pieces on my Salt & Light CD and the additional frequencies revealed and confirmed by Holy Spirit (333 Hz and 444 Hz), is awakening, activating, and releasing the nine fruits of the Spirit of Christ (Galatians 5:22-23) within His babes, children, and sons, as well as the nine spirituals gifts Paul references in 1 Corinthians 12:5-11. I awaken, activate, and release each of these attributes and blessings of Christ within on behalf of each listener.

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