Tammy Sorenson

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Sound and Healing Therapy Music. Uniquely and beautifully created to wash over listeners with waves of Spirit-led intention. This project began ‘stirring’ at the beginning of 2014. I sought Holy Spirit leading regarding the details before initiating any recording. I record spontaneously, but He always reveals a purpose and a plan for each project; I wait for the specifics, as only then does the project accomplish what He sent it to do.

For this project, the ‘plan’ was uniquely ‘downloaded’ during a prayer alliance teleconference. I began researching each ‘word’ I was given in Hebrew. Using my Music Bible Writer software, I then musically transcribe the individual words in the context of Scripture. The tuning, frequency, musical keys for each word, the order of each word, the settings for each piece, follow consecutively, & conclude through the actual spontaneous recording of each piece. All but one of the pieces were recorded in one take with no edits. For one piece I recorded two versions and felt led to use the second version, again with no edits. I generally record with my eyes closed so I can be wholeheartedly led by Holy Spirit through my spirit, as opposed to watching my hands/the keys or thinking with my mind theoretically through visual connection of keys/progressions.

Each title is intended to spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally wash over the listener through waves of the Spirit-led intention of each title, as well as the frequencies contained within the Hebrew alphabet (the scientifically proven energy contained in the language itself and in the musical transcription), the A444 Hertz and Pythagorean tunings (used throughout the entire album), and the timbres, tempos, and rhythmic flow selected for each individual piece. There is a piece in every key of the 12 tone scale to best impact every resonant frequency area of the human body. May you be abundantly blessed as the waves of His presence in each piece wash over your atmosphere!

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions April 2014.
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