Month: December 2015

renewing the body through sound

WCCO Segment on Sound Therapy

Even the local Twin Cities Minnesota news (WCCO) is reporting on the benefits of sound therapy! I share the link, Ancient Treatment Sound Therapy Rediscovered in Minnesota, for the purpose of noting Dr. Hubert Lim’s comments regarding the physiological and neurological responses and benefits to sound & healing therapy. Dr. Lim is an expert in…
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Christmas Glory

I have been patiently waiting and watching for the manifestation of a prophetic word released in children’s church back in December of 2007 – eight Christmas’ ago – the number of new beginnings! With eager anticipation, I believe we have finally arrived at Father’s timing – His glory WILL cover the Earth as the waters…
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Music as Therapy

I have to share a recent article written by Michael Tyrell/Wholetones. I personally possess a B.A. in Piano Performance, a B.S. in Vocal Music and an M.A. in Music Education. I also earned a Doctorate in Practical Theology. My M.A. included a number of music therapy courses, as well as having a music therapist on my orals…
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