Month: October 2014

renewing the body through sound

Instrumental Music for Special Needs

Calming and Peaceful Instrumental Music for Individuals and Classrooms with Special Needs:Autism, ADHD, EBD, Pain, Inability to Sleep, Therapeutic Health and Wellness Centers, etc. Sound Expressions has been receiving increasing numbers of testimonials regarding Tammy Sorenson’s instrumental music being used to release an atmosphere of peace and calming for both individuals and classrooms, daycares, for enhancing the ability…
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Being the EASE in DIS-EASE

After a recent spike in some of our son *Josiah’s lab numbers, his roller coaster ride has again settled into a routine of daily medications, monthly labs, yearly immunizations, and preventative medication prior to dentist visits, etc…until healing manifests in another form – for which we continue to believe – we are truly thankful for…
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A Language Change

As Believers, we are in desperate need of a language change. As a nation, we are in even more desperate need of a language change. Life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). New Agers understand the power of this truth, therefore, how much more should Believers understand and walk out…
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