Instrumental Music for Special Needs

Calming and Peaceful Instrumental Music for Individuals and Classrooms with Special Needs:
Autism, ADHD, EBD, Pain, Inability to Sleep, Therapeutic Health and Wellness Centers, etc.

Sound Expressions has been receiving increasing numbers of testimonials regarding Tammy Sorenson’s instrumental music being used to release an atmosphere of peace and calming for both individuals and classrooms, daycares, for enhancing the ability to sleep, as well as for necessary relaxation in individuals experiencing physical pain. Looking for specific music that will impact your atmosphere with increased peace and calming, rest, concentration, or simply to de-stress? Looking for music for massage therapy, chiropractic clinics, counseling, or therapeutic health and wellness center atmospheres? Check out the sound clips for each CD at under Products on the left side bar (both hard copies and digital download cards are available). These CDs are also available via CD Baby, iTunes, and most other digital distribution centers.

Be sure to check out Sound Expressions upcoming November Sound and Healing Therapy CD release #4, BEHOLD.

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