Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay

renewing the body through sound

Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay

This post contains my Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay interview from Thursday, December 15, 2022. I was blessed and honored to be a guest on her Thrive With Dr. Robin Perry Braun Show via the Bold Brave TV Network. Dr. Robin and I discussed holistic frequency infused sound therapy, the science behind sound therapy and frequencies, and details specific to many of my instrumental sound therapy albums. Below is this interview via Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay

Additional Info for this Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay

There is so much more we could have discussed but did not get to as research is just beginning to scratch the surface on the many benefits of sound therapy. Some additional information we discussed during commercial breaks but did not get back to during the interview would include the following:

*Every frequency is a nutrient.
*There is so much exciting research happening to validate our need for sound therapy and the need to ensure we have a good balance of hearing from both left and right ears, bone conduction, etc. and not missing frequencies in our frequency landscape.
*Music creates/puts back in missing nutrients.
*Music can boost the immune system.
*Sound creates nitric oxide which has many benefits at the cellular level.
*Sound stimulates/music activates the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body, extremely important to immune health and directly connected to the voice.
*There is nothing in creation in A 440 Hz tuning.
*Just intonation tuning is the most aligned with nature. 


*For fascinating studies with extensive research check out David Gibson’s The Complete Guide To Sound Healing, Globe Institute’s Sound Healing Center and Research, or SomaEnergetics Vibrational Training Courses.

*Be sure to also check out my Sound Therapy Session options, as will as my diverse selection of holistic frequency infused instrumental music on this website under SHOP PRODUCTS, at, and on all of your favorite streaming platforms, i.e. Spotify, Apple, Youtube, Amazon, Pandora, etc...

*With regard to EMDR – everyone’s approach would be according to their training – for me, focusing on the opposite of the trauma, i.e. resting in Holy Spirit as Jesus heals is paramount. Some would prefer a visualization that walks the client through breaking free.
*With regards to anemia, additionally, sound helps the immune system and in this case, specific to blood oxygen.

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