Making A Supernatural Shift

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Making A Supernatural Shift

A Pause

Over the past several months, I have found myself in the midst of a literal ‘pause’ in need of making a supernatural shift. This pause has been specific to processing the many conflicting, divisive, and egregious events transpiring in our nation, in the generations, and in the nations at this critical juncture in His Story. For a major portion of this pause, I have had to wrestle hope-deferred, many unanswered prayers specific to our family and to our nation, and if I’m being truly honest, even some of the ups and downs of depression.

Every day I have continued to do my five mile mountain hikes, oftentimes in 20-30 degree North Carolina winter temperatures. I have also frequently and fervently continued to pray in the Spirit, pray by dissecting the Lord’s prayer, or simply by focusing on listening to what Holy Spirit was at work doing in me in the midst of the battle. 

Choose Life

In 2007, Holy Spirit audibly spoke to me about choosing life in all things: words, thoughts, voting, actions, finances, relationships, etc.. It was then I knew I was being asked to psalm and pray solely through a worship lens. My intercession was not to be focused on what the kingdom of darkness was doing (the binding directive), but rather, on all that is already available in the atmosphere of Heaven through the One who is the Light of the world (the loosing directive).

I have been intentional about that instruction since receiving that directive. Since that time however, our family, along with many others, has had to navigate overcoming a number of trials and tribulations, i.e. testing and refining the position of being seated in the Heavenly places. The year 2020 was no exception, and like everyone else around the world, the challenges pushed overcoming to new heights and depths in practically every area of life as we know it. 


One strategic area of intercession has broken through since the onset of this new year, 2021, and for that I am immeasurably and infinitely thankful! However, there are several significant issues remaining that require a major turnaround in the midst of decades of interceding very specific promises of restoration from the Lord pertaining to each.

Two weeks ago everything began to shift. Holy Spirit began highlighting a prophetic word from twelve years ago about our need to ‘make the switch.’ Through a series of sudden and divinely orchestrated events, it was made obviously clear to me what ‘make the switch’ actually meant, i.e. making a supernatural shift from old wineskin focus to new wineskin focus, from church age focus to Kingdom Age focus, specifically in intercession.

Make The Switch

Making the switch meant Holy Spirit’s directive from 2007 was going to ascend to new heights, widths, depths, and lengths in intercession. It meant that instead of focusing on very real problems in the natural realm in our circumstances and in our nation, we focus wholeheartedly and solely on the One in the supernatural realm Who is the only Solution, i.e. Who is the exact opposite of any problems manifesting in the natural.

Making a supernatural switch is a positional shift of continual worship, praise, and joyful thanksgiving for the manifested answers NOW; seeing, hearing, feeling, and discerning manifested solutions in the heavenly realms, abiding in the place of thanksgiving and praise, and literally calling forth those manifested answers from Heaven to Earth NOW. 

Possessing The Kingdom

I have been working on this truth for fourteen years, but I am tangibly possessing the position of making a supernatural switch, which is literally about making, i.e. possessing, a supernatural shift from an earthy perspective to an abundant and overflowing heavenly one at all times in all things. As a prophetic forerunner, I am called to see and to hear His Kingdom directives, followed by putting my hands to the plow on behalf of those who come after me. As Kingdom sons and daughters possessing the Kingdom, we are called to intercede on behalf of our families and on behalf of nations in this critical hour unlike what has not be required of us for decades.

We can no longer sit idol, complacent, apathetic, wavering in doubt or fear, or in compromise not fully understanding our eternal dual citizenship nor the urgency in this hour. Old wineskins no longer work in the Kingdom Age we have shifted into on our Heavenly Father’s timetable. 

The Kingdom Age

The church age is behind us and the Kingdom Age is before us. We new need new strategies – new blueprints – for the new season on the path ahead. How we intercede – focusing on the One who has already provided for and IS the Answer, joyfully and humbling giving thanks and praise in all things (as opposed to focusing on how the enemy and his kingdom of darkness are covering the earth) is making the supernatural shift.

It is essential and necessary that we all make this supernatural switch to BE His Kingdom, i.e. the Church Jesus Christ is building on Earth that the gates of hell cannot prevail against. This is how the government on His shoulders increases without end. Our focus is to be on Him: spending intimate time communing with Him, worshiping Him, praising Him, thanking Him, meditating on His Word, partnering in prayer with Him, and co-laboring with His angel armies in each of our assignments on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Divine Confirmation

This past week in the midst of confirming revelation on this switch, i.e. this Kingdom shift, I set out on my five mile mountain hike. My attention was suddenly drawn to a lone cloud in the shape of an angel trumpeting amidst a clear blue sky backdrop. It was as incredibly clear what was being announced from the heavenly realms. It’s both a kairos and chronos time to make the switch from an earthbound focus in intercession to an atmosphere of Heaven focus. This is how we bring His Kingdom come and His will be done to Earth as it is in Heaven.

Our provision manifests as we focus on our Provider. Complete forgiveness manifests as we focus on the One who is forgiveness. Love, joy, and peace manifest as we focus on the One who is Love, Joy, and Peace. This is how temptation is thwarted. This is how we are delivered from evil. This is how His glory covers the Earth as the waters cover the seas. This is how we rise and shine in the midst of the deep darkness covering the Earth. This is how His power through Kingdom sons the Earth has been groaning for manifests. This is how a Bride prepares for her Bridegroom. Make a supernatural switch and teach your children to shift right along side you!

I encourage you to read my post A Convergence: Marys, Deborahs, and Esthers, as well as see Christy Johnston’s latest YouTube Video, Spoken Word//The Mantle of Deborah, as confirmation of this post, Making A Supernatural Shift. Additionally, visit SHOP PRODUCTS on this website for sound and healing therapy sessions, my, SPOTIFY and/or APPLE links for holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led instrumental music that will facilitate your personal and/or family’s journey in making the shift.

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