Sound and Healing Therapy Benefits

renewing the body through sound

Sound and Healing Therapy Benefits

Many people are searching out alternative holistic health options, i.e., the benefits of essential oils, organic foods, healing touch, homeopathic alternatives on many levels, etc.. Therefore, it’s also time to search out the benefits of sound healing and therapy, especially since sound is energy. Research supports the impact of frequencies (various musical styles, words (words create frequencies that impact the body/environment either positively or negatively, etc.) on water. Our bodies are comprised of water: body 75% water, blood 82% water, lungs 90% water, brain 70% water, skeleton 22% water, cells 90%. Your body is a frequency that has been determined by the day and year you arrived on the earth. Every system, organ, muscle, tissue and cell in your body is a frequency. Your emotions emit frequencies. Your thoughts emit frequencies. There is theology, science, math, music theory, spiritual intention, and much more to validate sound and healing therapy and its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Here’s what MariLou McCormick of Monticello, MN, has to say about my new CD, ‘Alignment‘: “Nourished. There are no other words to describe the effects after listening to Tammy’s most recent collection of sounds in “Alignment.” Nothing else can describe the fullness at the cellular level that the body, mind, and spirit experience. Soak in it and be nourished.” 

Sharon Ernst of Buffalo, MN, being treated for high blood pressure, experienced ‘a release/relaxing of a knot below her heart,’ and a neck alignment, simply while sitting relaxed in a chair (I was at the piano playing/singing over her). Numerous individuals have stated, “Your music is very peaceful, Tammy.”

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