Atmosphere Shifting Frequencies

Love is a frequency. Joy is a frequency. Peace is a frequency. Frequency may be the new ‘buzz’ word, but science validates these statements, because science validates their energy. Do you need some positive and peaceful frequencies to shift stress-filled, negative, or restless atmospheres or circumstances at work, at school, while driving, at home? Check out both my Free to Be ( and Alignment ( CD’s, strategically and specifically created to shift your atmospheres with love, joy, peace, rest, calm, and healing, released through tunings, timbres, frequencies, music, energy, and Spirit-led intention. Both CD’s contain original instrumental pieces, scientifically, mathematically, intentionally, and spontaneously created to release blessing and to shift the listener’s atmosphere.

Also consider scheduling a Sound and Healing Therapy Session (, a Sound Massage (, or a Musical Commission ( for your personal atmosphere shifting or healing needs.

albumart-1 Freetobe_Glory

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