Sound Massage

renewing the body through sound

What is a Sound Massage?

A peaceful, relaxing, and/or healing sound massage is created as the client relaxes peacefully in a chair or on a sound massage table, while the sound therapist spontaneously plays/sings over the client for 30 or 60 minute sessions. A customized sound massage can be scheduled with/without an initial Sound Therapy Session VoiceBio analysis (see Sound Healing and Therapy Sessions).

Through Spirit-led leading, along with intention, timbres, melody, harmony, rhythm, form, Just Intonation or Pythagorean tuning frequencies, and other unique software, an individualized 30 or 60 minute sound massage session includes a sound massage, created personally and intentionally to your body’s physical and emotional needs and recorded on CD during your session for you to take for repeated use at home, work, exercise, meditation, or in your car. Your personal sound massage will include an extended musical soaking session with one to three musical pieces created for your personal CD, depending on individual needs.

Customized Sessions Available 

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