Everything Is Frequency

renewing the body through sound

Everything Is Frequency

Everything is frequency. Every time we think a thought we are sending out frequency. Every time we speak a word we are sending out frequency. Every time we react or respond emotionally we are sending out frequency…all the while taking them in from all around us continuously.

The strongest resonating frequency in any room causes all other frequencies to come into alignment with it: Quantum Law of Resonance, which actually activates the Quantum Law of Attraction. Who put the quantum laws in place? The One who created ALL things. Science is proving Scripture and creation more and more each day.

The quantum laws of resonance and attraction not only apply to individuals in a room, but to communities, states, and nations. If we are in Christ, His attributes/nature should be the strongest resonating frequency in our lives, activating the law of attraction to Him, His Kingdom, and His ways wherever we go.

Everything concerning the battle between the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness is about frequencies. Read Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelations…descriptions in Scripture of the throne room…of His voice of many waters…magnificent visible, audible, tangible frequencies. Sons and daughters are called to arise in the power of Holy Spirit, who is always the strongest resonating frequency on Earth – to shine with the visible, audible, fragrant, tangible frequencies of the Light of Christ – the sound of the heartbeat of our Heavenly Father. When sons and daughters whom the earth is groaning for seize hold of this supernatural revelation, everything will suddenly shift on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Until then, far too many wrong frequencies are causing far too many individuals to resonate in alignment with twisted truths. We get to choose the frequencies we release, as well as those we come into alignment with. The plumb line has been clearly drawn. Time to arise sons and daughters with the frequencies of Heaven on Earth as Jesus clearly demonstrated.

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