Sound Therapy Hashimoto’s Results

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Sound Therapy Hashimoto’s Results

I have been on a Hashimoto’s/autoimmune journey since 2013 in the midst of our youngest adopted son’s renal failure/transplant at the age of 15. It was actually at that juncture my application of sound therapy launched into a whole new adventure. I did extensive research on thyroid, Hashimoto’s, natural desiccated holistic options, etc., ended up on Nature Throi, and things settled down temporarily. 

Life has been somewhat of a roller coaster since then, however, and the past two years my thyroid levels have fluctuated, along with Nature Throi being temporally unavailable several times, causing several medication switches and adjustments. In August 2019, I had extensive thyroid labs done due to some additional concerns. The results reveals high T4 and over double the Hashimoto’s levels. I did a VoiceBio on myself to visualize what those results looked like for the holistic alternatives that would support the results (photo #1 below). I also made a medication switch decision I didn’t really want to make (synthetic vs. desiccated), pursued additional research, and consulted my good friend, Angela Vrettas of Scent of Life Australia, a certified aromatherapist. She shared an interesting article entitled, The Mysteries of the Thyroid, which highlighted the Epstein-Barr Virus as being at the root of many of the issues complicating my journey. I added Licorice Root and a thyroid supplement with iodine, and a detoxing blend of lime, myrrh, and clove recommended by Angela, and playing piano in the needed musical keys to my daily routine. I decided yesterday to retake my VoiceBio to check how things were progressing. I was abundantly pleased and blessed beyond measure to tangibly see what has transpired in just two short months (photo #2 below)!

I love having tangible visual evidence that what I am embarking on with my own health journey is actually working! I have seen this over and over again with my repeat clients as well! It is for this reason I have added Certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner (coming soon: Certified Vibrational Sound Coach) through the Natural Therapies Board, as well as a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. These are new tools to add to many years of research, degrees, licenses, and certifications I have already obtained. 

I intend to focus all of my education and experience on behalf of children growing up in today’s culture, along with disenfranchised children through the world. Broken children grow up to be even more broken adults. The world does not need any more broken adults. I also believe applying proper intentional holistic options would significantly decrease medicating behavioral and learning issues. My Arts Expressed equipping, in conjunction with my Sound Expressions expertise are the perfect combination to equip the next generation to walk in the wholeness needed to BE the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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