New Sound Healing Certifications and Licensing

I am abundantly blessed to announce the addition of a Vibrational Sound Practitioner Certification, upgrading to Vibrational Sound Coach Certification currently in progress (DNA/RNA Phase 3), as well as a Spiritual Healer License to Sound Expressions (renewing the body through sound). These certifications provide additional sound therapy options for clients, and broaden the spectrum from Sound Therapy to VoiceBio Technology to Essential Oils to Tuning Forks (both Solfeggio Phase 1 and Body Tuners Phase 2) to Music Bible Writer (Scripture converted to musical notation). I have also adapted VoiceBio Technology to coincide with the more scientifically accurate Color Therapy. Looking forward to adding all of this to Holy Spirit led spontaneous frequency infused music specific to the frequency needs of each client He sends me or sends me to! Schedule an appointment today! Visit Contact information on this site for details.

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